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Design Tip: A Change in Perspective

Sometimes figuring out what's wrong - or right - with a space just take a little change in perspective
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There are times when it seems almost impossible to finish decorating a room, because it’s just not clear to you what’s missing, or what it is that’s not working in the space.

You buy things and take them back, rearrange furniture, add a new piece – nothing’s working.

Here’s a very simple tip that may help:

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How To Decorate When You’re Indecisive – 5 Tips

Love this relaxed modern loft space with brick walls, warm gray sectional, plush neutral area rug. From the post How to Decorate When You're Indecisive - 5 Tips - Schneiderman's {the blog}.
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I have a lot of experience with indecisive decorating.  Not trouble with how to decorate, but I have a hard time committing.

Working with design clients in the past that have struggled with decision-making has also given me empathy for this problem.  How it can take the fun out of decorating and make it a long and frustrating process if you let it.

Here are 5 things my experience has taught me about how to avoid decorating paralysis:

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Styling A Console Table, Dresser or Chest (5 Simple Tips)

How To Style A Console Table, Dresser or Chest (5 Simple Tips)

If you’ve seen our posts on social media, you probably already know that we shot some new room settings this week.  It was a busy, but very successful and well orchestrated, effort between our design and delivery teams and the photographers. I’m always in awe of how well they pull it off.

Partially because I’m ready for spring (and this was definitely hinting in that direction), and partially because it’s just so interesting and well done, this little vignette was one of my favorites.

Our team styled the Meadow Dresser, but the basic principles they used can be applied to a console table or a variety of surfaces with accessories of your choosing.  (Or just use this dresser in the living room, like we did in this post.)

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