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Furnishing Your Home: 6 Ways To Use a Bench

A bench is such a verstile piece of furniture. Love this rustic one with leather upholstered top!
Metalworks Bench

Some pieces of furniture that we buy, such as a sofa or a bed, are made for pretty specific uses and room(s) in the house.

Others are more versatile and able to be used in multiple ways and places, and the bench is definitely one of those. It has great longevity in that it may start in one place in the house, but then be moved from room to room over time depending on where it’s needed the most.

There’s almost always somewhere that you can benefit from one these versatile pieces, so they never outgrow their usefulness.

Here are some ways that you may want to use them in your home:

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How To Hang Art: Simple Tips and Numbers to Know

{see the rest of this room here}

Have you ever been really excited about a great piece, or several pieces, of art that you purchased – until you got home and thought, “I’m not really sure how to hang this.  Now what?  Help!”

Using just a few basic guidelines can actually make it pretty simple…

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Hanging Curtains: 3 Tips That Will Transform Your Room

chair | ottoman

It’s true that not every room needs to have curtains, or window treatments of any sort for that matter, but I think we’ll all agree that the majority of spaces are better with than without them.

They don’t need to be a bold color or crazy pattern, although they can be, but even the most neutral fabric will soften the walls and add texture, dimension, and a cozy completeness to the room.

Here are 3 surprisingly simple tips that will give your curtains (and windows) maximum impact in your space:

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