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Furniture and Home Decor Gift Ideas

Decorate plain tags from the office supply store for gift tags

As we prepare to celebrate Thanksgiving tomorrow, thoughts are already turning to holiday gifts.  In fact, for many of us, gift buying with family and/or friends on Black Friday/Thanksgiving weekend is a tradition – a fun part of celebrating the holiday!

As you’re headed out to do your shopping this year, don’t forget about furniture and home decor!  It’s more lasting than a vacation, more used than jewelry, and less expensive than other big ticket purchases – the perfect gift!

Here are some ideas:

Furniture and Home Decor Holiday Gift Ideas


Maybe your honey is just aching for a new entertainment console for that great Black Friday TV. 

<Furniture and Home Decor Holiday Gift Ideas
Cottonwood Desk and Chair

Some couples save larger purchases for holidays and use them as ‘joint’ gifts.  December is a great time to buy furniture, as most retailers are begging customers to spend some of their holiday money sprucing up the house.  New living room furniture, a new dining set, or a pair of Ekornes Stressless chairs are just a few ideas.


Whether they’re in college or just starting out in a new apartment, furniture is usually always needed!

A mattress set would be great in this situation as well, since most people sleep on horrible beds through this stage of their lives.

Not sure what they need?  That’s what gift cards are for!  Coordinate with family and friends for a larger gift card purchase that will get them started in style!


At least a couple of you mentioned in your Thanksgiveaway comment that you were ready to transition your little ones to a bigger bed, so about a new big boy (or girl) bed?

<Furniture and Home Decor Holiday Gift Ideas
Dawson’s Ridge Twin Storage Bed

Or what girl doesn’t love new bedding, especially in a fun color or pattern?

Holiday Gift Ideas

And boys or girls of any age would love one of our new video loungers for their bedroom –  or buy several to hang out on in the family room!

Holiday Gift Ideas


Remember that sofa that you grew up with, and probably helped add some wear and tear to? How about replacing it?  This is another great opportunity for a group gift.  Get together with siblings and purchase a gift card.

Parents also appreciate time, so do some research and offer to shop with them.  (You can make a day out of it by taking them to lunch as well.  The time will be as much appreciated as the gift!)

Whether they decide to spend the gift on a new sofa, new recliners, a new mattress, or a dining room refresh, your parents will love the opportunity to spruce up their home!

Will you be doing your gift shopping on Black Friday and this weekend?

Edit and repost from Furniture Gift Ideas originally published 11/25/11


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