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Decorating with Sheepskin and Faux Fur

Faux fur and throws rich with texture are great ways to cozy up the bedroom.

Have you noticed that decorating has gotten a lot more fuzzy lately?  Not as in you can’t see straight or it’s hard to figure out or understand, but as in TEXTURE!

Sheepskin and faux fur are showing up everywhere, in a variety of ways, and we’re actually pretty happy about it.   We’re all about unique ways to add texture to a space, so when a trend can help do that we’re definitely on board.

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How To Hang Art: Simple Tips and Numbers to Know

{see the rest of this room here}

Have you ever been really excited about a great piece, or several pieces, of art that you purchased – until you got home and thought, “I’m not really sure how to hang this.  Now what?  Help!”

Using just a few basic guidelines can actually make it pretty simple…

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Inspired by Color: Aqua

Turquoise Barn Door on Rails to Bathroom

Aqua is a beautiful blue-green color that can be saturated and intense or simmered down and subtle.   Some variations will lean to the bluer side, while others are more green, and still others walk a very fine line in the middle.

For today’s post, we’re leaning mostly to the green side but still definitely very influenced by blue.

Here are some ways we’re liking it lately:
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