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Sliding Barn Doors – Still Trending!

You don't always need to use two sliding barn doors - love this one!Jyland Construction, Wayzata MN – Artisan Tour | Photo: Schneidermans

When it comes to ways to add a design “moment” to the architecture of a space, sliding barn doors have to be one of my current favorites.

They’ve been big for some time now and, from what I keep seeing, will continue to be.  They’re everywhere – homes, design blogs, social media, this year’s recent Artisan Home Tour, and now in furniture design.   We all seem to be more than happy to keep the trend alive.

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Creative Ways To Design and Decorate Around A Flat Screen TV – Post Two

Last year we posted The Friday 5: Good Idea! in which we highlighted the idea of using a roller map to cover a flat screen TV, and 15 Creative Ways to Design or Decorate Around a Flat Screen TV in which one of the tips was to start with a console or chest, hang a flat screen above it and then get creative.


So when we saw Karen Rollman’s post (image below) on homelovestories.com combining both ideas, we thought you may want to see what it looks like!

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Fireplace Media Consoles

Love the way they used an unexpected wall color - really livens up the space. The fireplace media console is a good idea too - space saving and ups the cozy factor!

Many of us probably have memories, whether of the holidays or otherwise, of happy times spent around a warm, crackling fire in the fireplace.

There is obviously more to the memories than just the fireplace, but the fire enhances the warm, happy vibe we remember feeling and the memory wouldn’t be the same without it.

Urban loft space with a fireplace media console as the focal point.

Walnut Heights Fireplace Media Console

Of course, having the crackle (a.k.a. wood burning) in a fireplace creates work and maintenance, so many of us now opt for the convenience of gas or electric fireplaces. Click the remote and instant ambience! The warmth, literally and visually, created by the fire adds a cozy dimension to a room.

Fireplace media consoles are a great idea! Space saving and ups the cozy factor in the room.

If your home doesn’t already have a fireplace, or you do have one but would like another, a Fireplace Media Console is an excellent alternative to consider.

In addition to upping the cozy quotient in a room, it adds media organization, and combines two focal points, the fireplace and the TV, which makes furniture placement easier.

Fireplace media consoles are a great idea! Space saving and ups the cozy factor in the room.

We have fireplace media consoles to suit your situation and style – in various sizes and finishes, and some are available with optional bookshelves/piers.

For more information, visit your closest Schneiderman’s location or shop our website!


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