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The Friday 5: DIY Pallet Walls, Ceilings and More

The pallet decorating trend has been around for quite a while, used for everything from walls to accessories. Part of their appeal is that they add a unique, rustic edge to a space or project and are an inexpensive and green product.

From what we’ve seen, it seems that people may be intrigued enough by them to allow this trend to continue!

1. This pallet wall adds so much warmth and texture, and is clearly the focal point in this bedroom!


2. Here the pallet wall adds a nice backdrop for this family room game area. Completely different coloration on these pallets than the bedroom example, and they’re a great compliment to the gray walls.

3. A pallet ceiling was a creative solution to the “not-so-nice” ceiling problem for these homeowners at Cape 27 Blog. Love the way it turned out!

Front Porch Pallet Wood Ceiling & cheery yellow door

4. A great use of space in this DIY closet office makeover by Simplicity in the South. Another interesting color variation on the pallets, and it’s a little lower commitment to pallet decorating since it’s hidden away!

Organized office in a closet by Simplicity In The South.

5. And what a perfect idea for an outdoor gardening table!  See how Jenna Burger Design created it here.

#DIY: Vertical Pallet Gardening Table - No more gardening on the ground with a hurt back.  Create a garden table for less than $10.  Created by @Jenna_Burger of SASinteriors.net

How are you feeling about the pallet trend?  Is it over, are you over it, or are you ready to see it continue?


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