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Dining Room Design: Storage and Display Options

dining room storage with mid-century modern style
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When you’re designing your dining room, much of the focus tends to be on the dining table and chairs.  And that makes sense, because those are typically the most used furniture pieces in the space.

But once you’ve chosen your dining set, you’ll need to make a decision on whether or not you need dining room storage and/or display.   And, if so, which piece will best suit your needs and your space.

Answering these six questions will help…

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Round Dining Table Round-Up

Updated 11/15/17
round dining table round-up - love this round rustic wood table with metal chairs
See table link in round-up below | cello chair

I think we would all agree that the dining table is an important, possibly the most important, piece of furniture in any dining room.  But what shape that dining table should be is not as definite.

If you’re fortunate enough to have a large dining space, your options may be wide open.  If so, what you choose may just come down to personal preference.

Much of the time, though, your table choice will be dictated by room size and shape.

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Designing Your Dining Room – Everything You Need to Know

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Many great memories are made around dining tables, especially this time of year, and they’ll only be made better if your dining room design is comfortable and functional!

No matter your room size or design style, there are simple guidelines that will make designing your dining room a painless process.  It will also help it be the best it can be – for everyday dining and for entertaining your guests.

Here’s the breakdown:

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