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Schneiderman’s Furniture Offers Nationwide Delivery!

You may know that Schneiderman’s Furniture has a $99 delivery service available anywhere in Minnesota, but did you know that we also ship anywhere in the U.S.?

White glove delivery service ($299) is available to the 48 contiguous United States!

So whether you live here but have a second home elsewhere, live in another state but love our products, or want to purchase a furniture or home decor gift for someone out of state and have it delivered, we can deliver!

Get the full details here.

*Updated 6/3/2015 for accuracy

Why Can’t I Take it With Me?

Ever wonder why you can’t just take a piece of furniture off the sales room floor?  After all the steps furniture takes getting to Schneiderman’s, it has to go through even more to get from our door to yours.  Watch today’s video to find out just how big an undertaking furniture delivery is!


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