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A “New Traditional” Living and Dining Room

We love this new traditional dining and living room

If you’ve been following design styles and trends, you may have noticed that traditional decorating has been evolving.   It’s still traditional, of course, but with some interesting twists and turns.

To differentiate it from the past, many are calling the style New Traditional.  (Logical choice.)

New Traditional Decorating

Traditional furniture is still beautiful and classic, but it’s being made with simpler forms, lighter finishes, and a combination of unique materials that add a modern feel.

Color schemes have become softer and less saturated, and spaces are cleaner and simpler with fewer, larger accessories rather than a multitude of smaller items.

Here are two great examples of how to bring this style into your space.
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7 Decorating Posts Featured in our Summer Magalog

Featured decorating posts you'll love

If you’ve been inspired by our summer magalog to visit our blog, welcome!

Since we highlighted multiple posts in the magalog (7 to be exact), we thought it might be more convenient for you if we rounded them all up in one spot.

If you’re a regular blog follower or have found our blog another way, we’re sure you’ll like the inspiration, ideas and tips found in these posts as well!

Happy reading, and we’d love to hear your feedback in the comments.

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The Style File

Style finds - great accent chairs, gallery and chalkboard walls and a creative home office.

Style: noun ˈstī(-ə)l the quality that makes something attractive, interesting or unique

The Breakdown: (clockwise)

1. Emily A. Clark wasn’t really utilizing her dining room, so she decided to repurpose it. She did a great job of turning it into a stylish and functional home office!

2. We’re loving the industrial lines, rustic finish and versatility of the Cello chair. In addition to being a great dining chair, it also works for seating in an entry, office, or craft room, or as an accent chair in any room of the house.

3. This gallery wall we discovered on HGTV’s website shows a stylish way to display your family photos and add some interest to a stairway.

4. A bold pop of color is always a great way to add style to any room, and you could easily accomplish that with a fun accent chair.

5. Chalkboard walls don’t seem to be going away any time soon, and we like the style Annette creates in this entry by painting a chalkboard wall, writing a simple greeting, and finishing it off with some great texture with the rustic coat rack and bag.


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