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How To Turn Your Master Bedroom Into A Restful Retreat

Dark and moody master bedroom retreat with warm colors and lots of texture
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Life can be crazy busy at times, and hectic schedules may keep us in high gear until late into the evening.  Even once we’re home, the house is active with meals, chores, and activities.

That’s why we all need a dedicated space that we can count on to wind down and relax.

Enter – the master  bedroom.  Here are some ideas for making it, and keeping it, a restful retreat:

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Design Dilemma – Can I Put A Bed In Front Of A Window?

bed in front of a window at source

The whole dilemma of whether or not to place a bed in front of a window is not a new one, but it came up again for me recently.

I was talking with someone who was in the process of furnishing her new home and trying to decide on furniture placement for the master bedroom.

There were two options for bed placement, one was to place the bed in front of a window and the other was on the opposing wall. Even though the window option worked the best for a variety of reasons, she was unsure, from a design perspective, if she should do it.

So the question is:

Is it okay to place a bed in front of a window (or windows)?

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