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Texture! Coming Now to a Floor Near You!

The 3 dimensional rugs in Wednesday’s post were cool, but perhaps not so realistic for most people’s spaces and lives.  But there are tons of fantastic textures out there.  Shag has come a long way, baby!
From the dens of suburbia to the ceilings of vans, shag has been just about everywhere.  And it’s back.  Why?  Because using different textures in a space lends a richness, a sophistication that is hard to do with pattern.  Patterns come and go quickly.  Even colors are in and out of fashion, but using multiple textures lends a timeless quality to a space.  Mixing natural woods with metallics or glass.  Leather sofa with a fur throw.  Silk curtains next to wood paneled walls.  All these texture combinations invite us to interact with a space, feel the differences, touch everything.  Textured area rugs do exactly the same thing.  They make you want to kick off your shoes and bury your toes.  There are some fabulous new textures – different fibers and construction methods –  being used in area rugs now.  Here are some, from Surya Rugs, available at Schneiderman’s Furniture.


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