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How To Hang Art: Simple Tips and Numbers to Know

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Have you ever been really excited about a great piece, or several pieces, of art that you purchased – until you got home and thought, “I’m not really sure how to hang this.  Now what?  Help!”

Using just a few basic guidelines can actually make it pretty simple…

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How to Decorate With Accent Pillows

Even though the focus of this photo shoot that Steph and I did was the coffee tables, we included accent pillows in our accessory “shopping list” because a sofa without pillows just isn’t quite complete (in our humble opinion).

We love the way pillows add texture, pattern, color and interest to a room.  They can be swapped out by season, or as our color or style tastes change.   A simple, versatile way to complete or refresh a space.

Good thing we added them, too, because way more of our Logan sofa showed in the images than we originally thought.  The accent pillows added a cozy touch and completed the looks we were going for.

Just a few accent pillows can completely change up a room

Here are some simple tips for using accent pillows in your decorating:

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Decorating With Red: Tips, Ideas and Inspiration


Red is a powerful color and only the truly committed usually go all out with it in their decorating (as in red everything) – but if you’re not going to go all out, how do you work it in?

Here are some ways to incorporate it and some things to consider:

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