Styling Your Coffee Table – 5 Looks for Spring + Summer

One of the fun things about a new season is that it’s a good excuse to swap out accessories.  Adding something new that relates to the season, and changing a few accessories is a simple thing to do, but it makes an impact and gives you a fresh look.

In the living or family room, the styling your coffee table can be a good place to start, because it’s typically somewhat centrally located in the room, so even small changes can reset the tone of the space.

styling your coffee table. Rustic coffee table - love the sofa and styling.

Of course we have access to a lot of accessories in our stores, so Stephanie (Visual Display, Plymouth store) and I decided it might be fun to create some different looks for you to try on your coffee tables this spring and summer.

Even though each look is different, we kept them all very simple, uncluttered, and easy to recreate.

And if you want to shop Schneiderman’s and recreate these looks exactly, of course we’d be happy and flattered, but copying the general idea or layout can also give you a starting point to add your own unique style and spin.

styling your coffee table - concrete topped table with natural and turquoise accents.

Here are some takeaway tips to help you create these, or similar, looks in your own space.

Styling your coffee table…

1. Keep it simple.

Using fewer, larger items adds a homey, cozy touch but also leaves room for every day life to play out.

2. Do something unexpected.

Don’t be afraid to get creative and use accessories a little differently than they were designed.

These orange birds come in a set of 3, but it quickly became obvious that the set was too much. Stephanie removed two, added the smallest one on top of this word, and… perfect! We love it.

styling your coffee table - concrete topped table with spring accessories
Sherborne Cocktail Table

3. Vary heights and textures.

Variety is the spice of life — and it’s also a great tool when styling or accessorizing.  Varying heights, textures, materials, patterns – and adding color – keeps things interesting.

4. Repeat.

Variety makes things interesting, but it can also make styling look a bit busier.  Repetition will calm it down.

The setting below is serene by nature, but it also demonstrates this idea well – books and handles repeat the accent pillow color, metal baskets relate to nail head trim, candlesticks and greenery pot relate to the sofa, etc.

styling your coffee table fixer upper farmhouse style

5. Soften with something living.

Plants, real or faux, always add life and a softness that’s hard to get any other way.

You’ll notice that even in the turquoise setting where there isn’t a plant, we used magazines with images of plant life.

6. Include functional items.

Decorative accessories that also serve a purpose are a great way to add style and function to your space at the same time.

We love using boxes, bins, and suitcases to tuck away the clutter, and arranging accessories in trays and baskets so that they can quickly be removed when using the table for another purpose.  Light throws can be rolled or folded for texture and color, and then used for warmth on a cool spring morning or for a quick afternoon nap.

Caitlyn Cocktail Table

7. Use what makes you happy.

We debated whether or not to eliminate a word, since we had two, from one of these coffee tables. Ultimately, we left them in because we liked them and thought you would too.

Of course we were styling for this post, and wanted to make sure the looks weren’t too repetitive, but the idea is to always decorate with what you love – not necessarily what everyone else is doing, or thinks you should be doing, or what’s “in”.  You won’t tire of it nearly as quickly.

Have you spent some time styling your coffee table for Spring yet? Which of these looks is your favorite?

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