Patio Furniture: 9 Ways to Add Seating To Your Outdoor Space

front porch with adirondack chairs
adirondack chairs

We Minnesotans come in all shapes, sizes, and personality types, and each of us have that little something that makes us unique from everyone else. But when it comes to enjoying the outdoors come spring and summer, most of us are exactly the same. WE LOVE IT!

And there’s usually plenty to do once we finally get outdoors after a long winter season –  like working in the yard or sprucing up the patio, porch or deck.

But when we’re done with that (and sometimes even when we’re not) we’re ready to grab a seat. Relaxing, reading, chatting with friends and family, enjoying a snack or meal, or just sitting and soaking in the sunshine by the pool – we’re not picky as long as it’s outdoors!

patio furniture by the pool
studio sofa

Of course, because we (and our spaces) are all unique, each of us may have slightly different needs, space constraints, and preferences when it comes to where and how we sit outdoors.  Our buyers at Schneiderman’s realize that, and work extra hard when selecting patio furniture for our showrooms to make sure that there’s a great selection for everyone.

We’ve rounded up some of our favorite ideas for outdoor seating below…

And since spring’s in full swing and the official start of summer’s quickly approaching, there’s no better time to assess your current seating situation.   Make any additions and adjustments now, so that you can have a seat and enjoy the rest of the season.

Shop our showrooms (see our 6 locations), or click to browse the selection of patio furniture on our website!

For more outdoor inspiration, check out our OUTDOOR SPACES page.

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