7 Reasons To Embrace the Rustic Trend

White dining room with rustic table, bench, and sideboard, candleier
Meadow Dining

Whether you’re perusing inspiration on Pinterest, touring model homes, watching HGTV, or browsing a furniture website, there’s something you probably couldn’t help but notice.

Rustic is everywhere.  

Or should I say rustic is still everywhere?  It’s not a new trend, but designers, homeowners, and renters alike continue to be enamored with it – finding ways big and small to incorporate it into their design.

And that’s not surprising, really, especially when it comes to rustic furniture.  Here’s why:

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Get the Look : Lakeside Cottage Style

Lakeside cottage bedroom warm whites and shades of blue

Lakeside cottage style is always appealing, but never more so than during a hot Minnesota summer.  Sultry summer days brimming with brilliant sunshine and crystal blue skies find us craving fresh and calming indoor spaces  – a cool counterpoint to the heat and humidity outdoors.

Fresh, relaxed, and uncomplicated, lakeside cottage style can be the answer.  It’s easy to live with and simple to create.

Here are some ideas:

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Decorating With Brown Leather Furniture (Tips for a Lighter, Brighter Look)

Leather furniture is durable, comfortable, long-lasting (lasts 4 times longer than fabric on average) and it adds character to a space.  It also adapts well to most any design style.

If there is anything that’s not great about it, it may be that some people struggle to decorate around it.   Especially in the summer or any time when they prefer a space that’s light and/or colorful.

It doesn’t need to be difficult though.  Whether you’re working around brown leather furniture or a sofa upholstered in brown fabric, here are some tips that are sure to help:

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