Why This Modern Living Room Is The Perfect Mix

This modern living room proves that comfort can be stylish. Light neutral reclining sofa blends with a modern accent chair and tables. great styling and color in this space!

I think I’m pretty safe in saying that, typically, when we hear words like power, motion, comfort, and reclining sofa, there are other words like stylish, modern, and fun that might be the last to come to mind for many of us.

After today’s post, though, you may think differently.  This modern living room definitely proves that comfortable spaces don’t need to be boring, or lacking in style.

Here’s why we think think this modern living room retreat is the perfect mix:

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10 Ways To Use An Accent Chair

An accent chair with really fun style and a great pop of color in a beautiful shade of blue. Yes please!

One of the pieces of furniture that I enjoy shopping for the most is definitely the accent chair.

It’s so much fun to browse the impressive array of sizes, shapes, styles and fabrics – some serious and straightforward, others totally unique and packed with personality, while still others walk the line between both.

One or two are the perfect way to add extra seating in the living or family room, of course, but there are so many great accent chair options that sometimes you might wish you could think of another place to add at least one more!

Here are some ideas:

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Friday Favorites {01}

If you’ve been following the blog for a while you may remember The Friday 5.

Well, it’s back, but with a new name – and since Fridays are supposed to be laid back, we’re going to keep the posts that way as well.

They won’t happen every Friday, and some lists will be random while others are more structured, but it will always be a post about things that we think you might be inspired by or find helpful, informative, or fun.

Here we go…

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