3 Designer Tricks That Will Transform Your Room – #2

Designer tricks - furniture placement. Neutral living room with modern fireplace, neutrals + blue + black color scheme
Kelsey Estate Sofa | Glendora Accent Chair

If you follow design shows, blogs, or designers for any length of time you’ll probably hear the phrase “paint is the easiest and least expensive way to transform a space” at least once, and probably more.

And while I definitely agree with that (in fact I’ve said it before on this blog) there’s another way to transform a space that you may not have thought of.  This simple idea can actually be MORE effective than paint, and it won’t cost you a dime.

Designers may not actually call it a trick, since it’s something that they automatically do as part of any good room design.  But if your room doesn’t currently have it right, this may be just what you need for a transformation.

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3 Designer Tricks That Will Transform Your Room – #1

Definitely a few designer tricks in this bedroom. Love the way they did the gallery wall above the bed, the soft color palete, and the combination of rustic and painted wood in the furniture.
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Have you ever been perusing room inspiration images and wondered:  “How did the designer pull that off? What makes their room so well-designed and inviting? How can I get my home to look that way?”

Well, there are a lot of simple tips and tricks that can give your space a designer spin, and we have talked, and will continue to, about those. But, if you don’t have the basics right, those can just end up acting as little bandaids – not solving the bigger problem. You might keep adding more and more “designery” ideas, but it never really gets “there”.

So, in an effort to help you solve that problem, we’re sharing 3 – not super-glamorous, but effective – designer tricks that you can start using today.

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