Showroom Snippets – Cheerful Modern Living Room

Cheerful modern living room - orange tufted sofa, white walls and accent chair with ethnic fabric

If you’ve ever visited any of our showrooms, you already know that we have oodles of furniture and accessories. And we have a wonderful visual display team that does a great job of setting and styling various furniture vignettes to give you inspiration and decorating ideas.

Capturing all of those constantly evolving vignettes in photos is impossible, of course, but occasionally one of my favorites will land in a spot that begs to be photographed.  As was the case with today’s cheerful modern living room

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Decorating A Home That’s Unique and Personal

Home office with clean lines and unique decorating touches - gray wood floors, wide black barn door with window

Carl M. Hansen Companies | Photo: PK/Schneiderman’s

Design rules are part of interior design for a reason, and even the rules that aren’t really rules – but rather opinions or suggestions – are very helpful in putting together a space that functions well and looks good.

But once you’ve followed all of the rules and suggestions, it’s possible that your space may not yet feel like “you”. Or maybe it seems to be missing that certain something?

Use these tips to put your own unique decorating spin on your space:

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