High Point Furniture Market – Fall 2010

This is just going to be a brief recap of what our team (Susan, Chad, Natalie, Jason, and Larry) noticed while they were at High Point Furniture Market this past week. Susan, Chad, and Natalie will be writing a more in depth report that I will post soon.

However, I’m very excited about some of the things they saw and wanted to give some highlights here. Of course, if you’ve been following us on twitter: www.twitter.com/Schneidermans you’ve already heard some of these:

High Point Furniture Market – Fall 2010 – Schneiderman’s Furniture Quick Recap

Gray was HUGE! Charcoal gray, dove gray, warm gray, parchment gray, gray everywhere you can imagine, but it was usually a warmer toned gray and often accented with vibrant colors like teal, peacock, citron, and coral. A lovely combination that jumped out everywhere.

Linen was also a popular theme, whether it was actual linen fabric itself or the texture of linen in other forms. In fact, natural materials like linen and natural wood finishes were incredibly popular this season. Our team saw a lot of driftwood style wood and colors (more gray!) Rough textured wood was popular and the trend of reclaimed and recycled materials continued this season in full force.

Script patterns and word graphics on fabrics were popular. As was the move away from darker brown and black leather to lighter colors in sandy tones and even bright leather colors like peacock blue and palm green, in addition to, of course, gray.

Turquoise and yellow greens were popular as accent colors in accessories. Speaking of accessories, canvas prints continued to be very popular (I love those! We have a huge selection at our stores, especially in our Plymouth location).

Vintage poster art and vintage patterns were seen in cocktail ottomans (very unique!) It seemed like the most common style trend was French vintage/Paris fleamarket. Very laid back and sophisticated at the same time Tres chic!

I’ll be back with a more detailed report (and photos) soon!

Yes! We’ve created our first video! Chad talks about Traditional Design Using the Wallace Leather sofa.

The Wallace leather sofa/couch from schneiderman's furniture. Brown leather with nailhead trim.

The Wallace Leather Sofa

Chad is Schneiderman’s Retail Environment and Visual Display Manager. It’s a long name, I know, but he has a big job. He makes sure the atmosphere of each of our 5 stores is a beautiful and cohesive environment that highlights the newest trends and shows off the variety of furniture we carry to its best advantage for you. With his skill and eye, you can really see how our furniture will look in your home. Because of that, we decided to take advantage of his knowledge and create some videos for you to more easily see how you can incorporate furniture into your home.

In this first video, Chad starts with our Wallace Sofa, it is one of our more traditionally styled couches in a rich cigar brown leather with button tufted sides, curved arms, and nailhead trim. In this first video, Chad will show you how to highlight the traditional elements of the Wallace Leather sofa using coffee tables, lamps, wall hangings and rugs. In weeks to come you’ll see further transformations of this beautiful couch. We consider it an investment piece, something that you’ll love for years into the future and we want to show you how you can create different looks while still holding on to your cherished piece of furniture.

Convey it With Color – PURPLE!

The color purple combines the stimulation of red with the calm of blue. It can cause unrest or uneasiness but also represents bravery, royalty, and privilege. Deep or bright purples suggest riches while lighter purples are more romantic and delicate. Use redder purples for a warmer color scheme or the bluer purples to cool down. A deep eggplant purple with neutral tans or beige is an earthy, conservative color combination with a touch of the mystery that purple provides. Pink and purple has a very feminine appeal.

While purple is sophisticated and regal and romantic, it can also be playful and fun, as in the Artsy Craftsy  youth bedroom from Schneiderman’s Furniture below.

Artsy Craftsy loft bed at Schneiderman's Furniture

Purple can be fun!


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