New video on YouTube – Ekornes options

Not only does Ekornes make those stunningly comfortable Stressless recliners, they make sofas, loveseats, ottomans, and theater seating as well.  Filmed in the new Comfort Zone at the Schneiderman’s Plymouth showroom, the following video will show you a plethora of seating options for every room in your house.  Every room you sit in, that is. Listen to Chad as he describes all the ways to make your Stressless a true one-of-a-kind…just like you. 

New Video – “The Chad” chair by Stressless

A chair that takes your stress away?  Schneiderman’s is proud to carry Stressless by Ekornes, an ergonomic recliner with many sizes and styles to fit many bodies.  Watch as our budding weblebrity Chad takes the Ekornes Comfort test with Ron Sterenson, a representative from Ekornes.  

To take your own Comfort Test, stop by our Lakeville, Plymouth or Woodbury locations today.

Therapeutic Chair? Not in my living room!

Let’s start here.  This is not an issue for everyone.  Many, many people love the aesthetics of contemporary, somewhat Scandanavian designs (including yours truly).  When this is your home decor, many of these ergonomic, therapeutic chairs, sofas, and loveseats fit right in. 

Stressless by Ekornes

But not all of us embrace the contemporary aesthetic.  How can we get this chair to fit into a more traditional setting?  What if we were putting this chair into an Arts&Crafts living room?  Or a French Country sunroom?  Or a family room with a lodge theme?  It will be the best seat in the house, but, eventually, someone will look at it instead of sit in it.

Well, the first step is color.  Obviously, the black, gray, and white are going to be a little harsh for those other styles.  But this chair comes in over 50 leathers and over 50 fabrics as well.  Changing the chair to a chocolate brown leather will go a long way into fitting it into the Arts&Crafts living room or the lodge family room.  And maybe a pretty yellow or red would work for the French Country sunroom.  When purchasing a chair of this type, make sure you ask about all the options.

A floor lamp or small table, along with wall art and possibly plants will help integrate your chair into the space.  Don’t leave it hanging out in the middle of nowhere with no connection to the rest of the space.

The Perfect Chair by Human Touch

You’ll also want to consider placement.  Where is this going to go in your space?  A therapeutic chair can easily be tucked into a corner or put in a bedroom, but what if it’s going to be a major piece of your seating arrangement?  In the following floor plan, we have included ‘The Chair” in the seating arrangement, but made it secondary to the pair of chairs opposite it.  We also placed it near a focal point, so the more dominant fireplace is the first thing you see, with the chair receding into the background.

The chair is still part of the seating arrangement, but not the most noticable piece.  The use of the rug and other accessories allows opportunities to build in the colors and features of the chair, for example: a metal base on the chair could be problematic, but only if there is no other metal in the room.  A metal fireplace screen and/or lamps in a similar finish will spread that texture around the room, building a strong design element of the chair into the decor.

In this space, with more traditional furnishings, the chair is more of a challenge.  When it’s the only chair in the space, a therapeutic chair becomes much more obvious and noticeable. 

The most important element at play here is that the chair is the only chair.  If another, more traditional, chair were placed opposite or next to it in the space, the therapeutic chair would be completely out of place.  Because it is the only chair, paying attention to color, finish, and accessories will help you get the chair you want into the decor you have.

If all else fails, consider making a spare bedroom in your home a relaxation room. Paint the walls a deeper, more relaxing color, dim the lights, and chill. 

Massage Chair by Human Touch

At any of our Schneiderman’s locations, you can sit in and try out many different types of therapeutic chairs before you decide on the perfect chair for you.  The right chair can help relieve tension and stress in your body, help with pain from arthritis, sports injuries, and fibromyalgia, and allow your muscles and joints to relax after a long day’s work.  Don’t shy away from the benefits of this type of chair because you’re not sure it will work in your decor.  As you can see, the right chair will fit right in.


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