What’s New – Goin’ Country

For most of us, the word “country” indicates a rustic space full of highly distressed pieces and old-fashioned florals.  But the times they are a’changin.  Country has been given a new life.  Gone are the heavy distressed oak pieces and pale pinks and blues.  In their place are lightly distressed driftwood pieces, black metal accents, and high-energy colors with graphic florals set against a light neutral background.  The picture above does a great job describing the new country and even uses this year’s big color – Honeysuckle!!

On Friday, we’ll discuss how to achieve this look.  In the meantime, break out the Loretta Lynn albums and celebrate country’s sassier return.

Out of Doors, Out of Box

Having a party outside in the beautiful spring weather? Check out the latest video about outdoor furniture.  We’re showcasing alternate seating options to make your outdoor space as comfy and cozy as the inside of the house!

Tribal Touches for Your Home

Accessories and accent pieces are the easiest way to inject life and personality into your space.  Just what that personality is is up to you.  Today’s topic of interest is Tribal accents and accessories that can liven up a space.  This works especially well in neutral spaces, because color is not one of the hallmarks of tribal design.  Tribal designs are more about material, texture, and patterns.

Natural motif pillows

These pillows have a natural motif, almost like a leaf, flower, or acorn, that has been enlarged and simplified, creating a graphic quality.  The colors are neutral and high contrast.  Tribal designs will have simple, neutral color palettes in warm, earthy colors.  The designs focus more on the patterns rather than a busy color story.

Woven lamp

This lamp also has a simple palette, but the shade is woven with two different grass-like materials, giving it a subtle texture.  Also, the base is simple but highly distressed with a carved and rasped quality.  The finish is dull and the color is deep wood, also indicative of a tribal design.

Adding accents and accessories with a consistent design flair will add interest to your home while keeping your look cohesive.  Look for similar characteristics of design instead of trying to match everything exactly.  This will add more interest and make you the envy of all your design-conscious friends and visitors!


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