Introducing a new weekly feature: Friday Fundamentals

At Schneiderman’s, we know you’re busy.  We’re busy too.  That’s why we post to this blog, so we can share some information that will help you make informed decisions when you’re buying furniture–whether you choose to buy from us or from someone else.   In light of this, we want to help make the information a little easier to find. 

Today, we’re starting what we hope becomes a long-standing tradition on the Insider News blog – Friday Fundamentals.  Every Friday, we will be discussing design basics and dilemmas.  Feel free to chime in with questions and suggestions of dilemmas we should address.  But for now, sit back, relax, and pull up a therapeutic chair.  Because that’s what we’re talking about today: how to fit that massage chair or other fabulously-comfortable-but-not-to-your-taste chair into your decor.

The Perfect Chair

What makes the Perfect Chair?  Is it that fabulous leather or fabric you just can’t live without?  Is it about family memories, like Grandma’s rocker or Dad’s recliner?  At Schneiderman’s, the Perfect Chair is all about comfort and wellness.  Human Touch, the maker of the world’s most fabulous massage chair, was inspired by NASA to create the Zero Gravity Perfect Chair.  As our favorite budding weblebrity Chad explains in the following video, the Perfect Chair allows you to feel weightless, elevates your feet above your heart for increased circulation, and literally allows the weight of the world to fall off your shoulders.  And anywhere else that may be feeling that weight.

Confessions of a Video Star Diva

Chad is our guest blogger this week. You may recognize him from such roles as “Chad” in “Solutions for Small Rooms” and “Chad” in “What to Look For When Purchasing a Recliner”. Here he shares some of this thoughts.

Confessions of a Video Star Diva

Alright.  So I am getting used to the fame.  I am getting used to the attention.  I am getting used to the lack of a Craft Services table at these video shoots.  The stylist that Susan and Carrie promised me has yet to show up and I am not buying the line that “they had trouble finding the store” any more.  Fool me once, fool me twice.  After this third video shoot, I am no longer buying into it!

Knowing that my small spaces video is just a couple of hits from going VIRAL, being a Weblebrity is an awesome responsibility.  Even though I am assisted by a team of experts in their field, coming up with new and exciting videos is a quite a challenge.  I have to get  into the zone and come to terms with what the everyman wants to see, knowing all too well that it isn’t just about me.

Doing the videos has actually been quite helpful to this know-it-all Visual Display Master.  Researching the topics has expanded my knowledge and helped me to look a little closer at things I sometimes take for granted, such as my vast product knowledge.  Take my most recent masterpiece that will come out shortly on reclining comfort.  When Googling comfort, did you know that Christian Louboutin does not design his shoes with comfort in mind?  Did you know that chickens lay the most eggs when they are comfortable?  Who knew that chickens should have at least 4 square feet of space and that you really should consider building them a perch?

“But Chad, why do I need to know this about chickens?”  You don’t.  But what I did find useful were all of the products that we sell that really speak to comfort.  Recliners that swivel, rock, glide, massage, lift, heat, are voice activated, power recline, etc.  We have Massage Chairs at all stores that are AWESOME!  I am not sure how the video will come across as I kind of fell asleep doing it, but it was one of the best experiences of my life.  That night, I even did a “will it fit” for one at my home.  I also got over my fear of the calf and foot massager.  Don’t get me wrong, it still freaks me out.  But I am no longer scared.  That torch has been passed to the Zero Gravity chairs at Plymouth.  They ease the body into a virtually weightless position, elevating the legs above the heart and relieving the weight from the spine.  Nice!..but it made me feel kinda funny.

With the upcoming Grand Re-opening of the funky new Stressless Zone at the Plymouth store, I have been having a great time renewing my friendships with some of my favorite Stressless chairs.  I have even taken the liberty of renaming one of the chairs in honor of my becoming an internet sensation.  If you see me hanging out in the Zone, I would be happy to point out “The Chad”.

I guess what I am trying to say in my own odd and peculiar way is this: don’t forget to stop and smell the sofas.  Take a look at construction, cushions, fabric options, vendor options, styles, product benefits.   Take a few minutes to browse all the product and tools the website offers or dare I say, check out one of the videos.  We have one on wood vs. veneer that is particularly informative and I looked good in it!


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