Why Can’t I Take it With Me?

Ever wonder why you can’t just take a piece of furniture off the sales room floor?  After all the steps furniture takes getting to Schneiderman’s, it has to go through even more to get from our door to yours.  Watch today’s video to find out just how big an undertaking furniture delivery is!

Hi-Ho, Hi-Ho, Off to Market We Go!

Okay, so really it’s “Hi-Ho, Hi-Ho, Off to Market THEY (*sob*) Go!” because yours truly is not going to North Carolina on the company dime.  But I shall live.  And likely without the shin splints the Schneiderman’s buyers will have after spending days walking through showrooms highlighting this season’s offerings from every major furniture manufacturer on the planet.  I’m not wildly jealous.  Really. 

High Point Market (www.highpointmarket.org) is a huge event in the world of furniture.  This is where decisions are made about the things you will see at your favorite furniture showrooms.  All the trend-makers are there.  So stay tuned, because when the Schneiderman’s team is back, we will have some amazing new things to show you!  In the meantime, enjoy this clip of flash mob entertainment at last season’s market.

New Video, but where’s Chad?!?

Many people starting a large project are wondering how to shop for furniture.  This video will give you some clues to make your furniture shopping fun instead of frustrating.  Schneiderman’s is trying a new video spokesperson (yours truly!), but never fear, Chad makes an appearance!


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