Add some Glamour to your home!

On Wednesday, we posted about the current trend toward glam interiors.  At Schneiderman’s, we carry several pieces that can help you achieve a glam look in your home.  Today is about how.  How do you take a concept like “Hollywood Glamour” and translate it into your own space?  Design is not about copying the stunning pictures in magazines, but about understanding the essence of a look and using those principles to create a look of your own. 

This project, from Chinese Architecture firm 14YA, is a stunning example of a glam look.  Not everyone has the room or lifestyle to support this type of space, but the principles are what interest us. 

14YA Designs

A.  Coffered ceilings with inset lighting give the feeling of luxurious height, while drawing the eye toward the stunning light fixtures.

B. Crystal and black light fixtures bounce light around the space and add a reflective surface to the palette of textures

C. Mirrors, stripped vertically in a deco style, help the room feel larger but also create a reflective pattern.

D. Metallic wallpaper with a traditional damask pattern enlarges the pattern and uses the light reflecting properties to create a more modern version of a classic design.

E. Traditional accent chair shape with a metallic frame and dark fabric also modernize a classic

F. Tufted leather (in white cocktail ottoman and black sofas) adds texture and visual interest to the space

G. Shag carpeting over polished marble floor adds a contrasting texture to the smooth leather and stone while warming the space.

Also notice the sparse and simple color palette and the overall openness.  There are several carefully placed accessories, but nothing is there that does not need to be. 

Overall, this would be a difficult room to replicate.  But by taking 2 or three of the design elements of the space, anyone can add some glamour to their home.  Stop by a  Schneiderman’s Furniture showroom to see just what type of glamour can be part of your life!

New video on YouTube – Ekornes options

Not only does Ekornes make those stunningly comfortable Stressless recliners, they make sofas, loveseats, ottomans, and theater seating as well.  Filmed in the new Comfort Zone at the Schneiderman’s Plymouth showroom, the following video will show you a plethora of seating options for every room in your house.  Every room you sit in, that is. Listen to Chad as he describes all the ways to make your Stressless a true one-of-a-kind…just like you. 

New Video – “The Chad” chair by Stressless

A chair that takes your stress away?  Schneiderman’s is proud to carry Stressless by Ekornes, an ergonomic recliner with many sizes and styles to fit many bodies.  Watch as our budding weblebrity Chad takes the Ekornes Comfort test with Ron Sterenson, a representative from Ekornes.  

To take your own Comfort Test, stop by our Lakeville, Plymouth or Woodbury locations today.


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