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Mother’s Day is a great time to recognize all of the love and dedication that are a normal, every day occurrence in the life of a mother. Hopefully we thank them more than once a year, but this day is special.

And because they do give and care so much, it’s important to put some thought into a gift for them, too – and not leave it until the very last minute.

So today we’re giving you a little head start (Mother’s Day is May 14th) with some Mother’s Day gift ideas. Some bigger, some smaller, but hopefully one will be perfect for your mom!: 

Breakfast in bed.

Start the day right and pamper Mom with her favorite breakfast in bed.

Tastes will vary from healthy choices to decadent treats, depending on the mom, but Country Living has it covered with their 30 Foolproof Breakfast in Bed Ideas.  (or how about these delicious scones?)

30 Mothers Day Brunch Ideas - image source Country Living Ann Stratton

Create a space.

We love the idea of creating a space for mom to rest, relax, and decompress.  A little spot that’s all her own.

It may be an accent chair in the cozy corner of a bedroom, or a fun new hammock to enjoy on those very-soon-to-be warmer days.

Add a little side table for her to set a drink and essentials like books and magazines, or her journal or sketchpad. Make it even prettier and more inviting with flowers or a plant.

Relaxing oasis on the patio for mom. A great mother's day gift. Love this hammock
Vineyard Haven Hammock

Mom takes the cake.

Mom’s usually spend a lot of time preparing meals and baking for family, so why not turn the tables and make her favorite cake (or cupcakes) this Mother’s Day?

These fun printables from Oh Happy Day, will finish it off in style.


An experience.

Some moms aren’t into things or they may have everything they need or want. Those are the hardest to buy for, right?

An experience could be a great idea in this case. It may be something as simple as taking her to a unique restaurant in another location that she’s always wanted to try, or a painting or pottery class with friends or family. Or something bigger like a trip she’s always wanted to take, or an adventure she’s been wanting to check off her bucket list.


When we conducted a survey of moms, one of the most popular gift ideas was flowers from a nursery or garden center – that they could enjoy planting by themselves or with family.

Take note of particular flowers that she has, or has enjoyed in the past, and add to her collection.  Or take her shopping on Mother’s Day to choose her own.

What Moms Really Want for Mother's Day - Pennys list - planting flowers with family

(Find out what else was on the list here: The Mother’s Day Gift Guide: 50 Ideas from Moms)


How this idea plays out will usually be very dependent on the age of the children:

  • Moms of toddlers would most likely welcome the gift of a few hours of alone time to rest and recharge.
  • Moms of adult children, however, will probably feel just the opposite.  Many times they get the short end of the stick when it comes to focused, quality time with their children. Plan a special visit or a day out where you give them the time that they deserve.

Pampering slipper gift.

Collect mom’s favorite things for pampering, insert them into a pair of slippers, and tie with a bow!

A fun idea from the blog Pretty Providence.

Slipper gift idea for mom - from Pretty Providence blog

Room remix.

Many moms like to decorate, so getting new accent pillows, or an area rug, a throw, artwork, or some new accessories would be a treat.  A little (or big) pick-me-up for a much-used or outdated room in the house.

Set a date to shop with her or, for mom’s of younger children, plan a shopping day for her with a friend.

grayson chair | rug

DIYs from the kiddos.

When it comes to Mother’s Day gift ideas from young kids, there’s nothing sweeter than gifts made by their own little hands.

Coco29 has 20 DIY Mother’s Day Craft Ideas to try.
Click Pic for 20 DIY Mothers Day Craft Ideas for Kids to Make | Homemade Mothers Day Crafts for Toddlers to Make:


Are you ready for Mother’s Day?  What’s your favorite gift idea – or do you have an idea to add?

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