Lakeside Cottage Living Room

One of our latest living room designs was in a home that really wasn’t lakeside, but the design team wanted to make it feel as if it was.   Nothing too themed or literal, but a refined, yet relaxed, lakeside cottage feel.

We love the way it came together.

lakeside cottage living room in neutrals with sandy tones reminiscent of the beach

The inspiration.

A flat weave rug with wide neutral stripes was a perfect starting point for our living room.  It instantly relaxed the space and gave it that lakeside cottage vibe.

Layering it with a solid textured rug in a sun bleached sand color definitely enhanced the feeling.

The colors.

No need to go bold or bright – instead soft neutrals were the ticket here.

Our designers mixed beautiful sandy tones with driftwood grays and added small touches of blue – all reminiscent of the natural colors you find on the lake shore.

inspiration pieces for our lakeside cottage living room

The furniture.

Our elegant chesterfield sofa combined with club chairs that have a slightly whimsical vibe gave the room a bit more of a sophisticated feel – but not too much so.

Natural and linen-look fabrics on the upholstered pieces contribute to the relaxed, lakeside feeling.

lakeside cottage living room in neutrals with sandy tones reminiscent of the beach
dorchester abbey sofa | cocktail table | rugs

The tables’ beautiful traditional details played so well with the upholstery, and reclaimed plank table tops and distressed barnwood finish kept them approachable and durable.  A textured, antiqued finish on the gray painted cabinet adds additional warmth and patina.

beautiful lakeside cottage living room with a pair of matching chairs in driftwood tones
aunt jane chair


Just as with the rest of the room, we relied on a mix of textures, shapes, and finishes, rather than color, to add interest in the accessories.

Plants, baskets, and books and a mix of metals combined with a few more literal touches, like the art and lantern, for an authentic look.  Ever so subtle touches of blue round out the space.

Is this your look?

Could you live with this look? What’s your favorite part of this room?

If you would like to recreate lakeside cottage style in your home, we’ve provided links to the furniture pieces above, and you’ll also find the furniture, rugs, and accessories in our stores.

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