It’s Here! How To Decorate – A New Favorite Decorating Resource

We're loving this new decorating resource with design tips, decorating inspiration, furniture ideas, color and paint inspiration, DIY and so much more!
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We’ve been blogging here for a few years now.   And we’ve shared lots of design tips, home decorating inspiration, furniture ideas, and so much more.

But as we’ve racked up more and more posts with ideas and inspiration, we’ve realized that something was missing.

Like a really simple way for you to easily find all of those posts.  Whether it was a specific topic, or just general inspiration when you didn’t really even know exactly what you needed or wanted.

Finding a solution – a new favorite decorating resource.

So we’ve been working behind the scenes to remedy that problem.   To put together an easy-to-find and easy-to-navigate way for you to check out all of the decorating and design information and inspiration in one place.

And we’re excited to share the result of that effort , “How To Decorate” – a new decorating resource page, with you today! 

You'll love all of the design tips and decorating ideas on our new decorating resource page - How to Decorate!
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It’s simple, straightforward, and packed with inspiration that we hope you’ll enjoy, as well as finding it useful.

Future posts and your feedback.

Of course we’ve got a lot more to blog about, so we’ll be updating this decorating resource page each time we publish a new post to keep it current.

And as you browse How To Decorate, we’d love to hear if there is anything specific that you’re not seeing a post about, but would really like to.

It might be a design dilemma, furniture question, or specific decorating inspiration that you want or need.  Leave a comment with your suggestion, and we’ll consider it for a future blog post!

Browse it now.

We hope you enjoy checking out the new page (click image above), and we’d love to hear your thoughts!

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