Inspired by Color: Aqua

Turquoise Barn Door on Rails to Bathroom

Aqua is a beautiful blue-green color that can be saturated and intense or simmered down and subtle.   Some variations will lean to the bluer side, while others are more green, and still others walk a very fine line in the middle.

For today’s post, we’re leaning mostly to the green side but still definitely very influenced by blue.

Here are some ways we’re liking it lately:

Pattern mix.

Nothing subtle or subdued about the bold pattern mix in this bedroom featuring the Nia comforter set (Schneiderman’s).

We love the way they’ve mixed the medium scale wallpaper with the larger pattern of the comforter, and rounded it out with some pillows.  Fresh, fun, and anything but boring.  (For even more aqua, the comforter is reversible.)

this aqua is the perfect compromise- not too blue but not too green


If you follow us on social media, you may know that we recently did some remodeling at our Plymouth store.

The paint colors we used are mostly beautiful neutrals, but in some of the offices we wanted a pop of color that was interesting, but not too crazy.

The winner was Sherwin Williams Aqueduct, a saturated, yet soft, blue green. Bre and Natalie couldn’t be happier with the choice!

SW-6758-Aqueduct-we-love-the-way-this paint color-looks-in-our offices

I recently used Sherwin Williams 6761 Thermal Spring on a bathroom vanity, and absolutely love it!

I looked at quite a few aqua colors before deciding, and this was the only one that leaned far enough green without actually going there.  It’s the perfect color surprise for a neutral room. This color is on the same card of the paint deck as Aqueduct, but three down.  It’s darker and would definitely be a bigger commitment for walls.

I wish I had an image of the finished vanity for you, but unfortunately that wasn’t possible.  Because the bathroom is so small and the vanity is separated by a wall, there was just no way to capture it.  Annoying, but true.

Just a hint.

Sometimes it doesn’t take a lot of color to make a difference in a room and add interest.

Hints of aqua in the accent pillows, rug, and distressed paint on the ottoman provide a subtle color burst to our neutral Epicenters Williamsburg sofa.

Subtle hints of aqua add interest in this loft living room
sofa | ottoman

Aqua accents.

Accessories are the perfect way to introduce any new color because they allow you to mix, match, and swap them out as your color interests change.

Our accessory collection is large and constantly changing, so you’ll definitely want to visit our stores to see what’s new in aqua (and every other color, too!)

Pretty aqua accents for the home

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2 Responses to Inspired by Color: Aqua

  1. Bryan July 26, 2016 at 10:36 am #

    Love the choice of accent color here. It’s very fun, playful and inviting. The first two pictures are stunning too–Whoa! Looks like I’ll have to find a new project to use these two great new, versatile paint options!

    • PK July 27, 2016 at 1:10 pm #

      Hi Brian! I’m loving this color right now and the great thing is that it goes with so many other colors – gray, indigo, yellows, reds, purples… the list goes on. :-) (Should have mentioned that in my post, right?)


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