How To Design Kids Bedrooms To Grow With Them

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Kids grow so fast, and personalities and preferences evolve rapidly.  What once was the peeeerfect bedroom (wasn’t that just yesterday?), can quickly become too childish.  The furniture is no longer a good fit and much of the decor no longer reflects age or preferences.

That leaves parents with two choices:  1) redecorate often – which is a valid option if you love to decorate and have the time and budget, OR  2) create a room that will grow with your kids and requires minimal changes.

For those parents who prefer Option 2, here are tips on how to design kids bedrooms to grow with them:

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Plan Ahead

Before making purchases, think about how the items will, or won’t, be used as your kids grow. For example: Can the furniture grow with them? Which bed size and placement will work the best through age transitions?  Can a play corner easily become a study space later on with a small update?

Use a room planner to lay out the space and think long term to minimize furniture moving when you want to tweak the room.

Inexpensive items may not matter quite as much but, for bigger ticket items, you want to make sure you’re making the wisest choice for optimal usage.

How To Design Kids Bedrooms To Grow With Them
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Which Bed To Buy

It may be tempting to purchase a novelty bed when the kids are little, but it will lose it’s appeal and usability much more quickly than a regular bed.

Opt instead for a quality bed in a form and finish that will stand the test of time.  (This tip really applies to any large furniture piece in the room.)

Also, if you’re transitioning from a regular crib or toddler bed, consider purchasing a full size bed instead of a twin for more versatility and longer use.

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Making the Bed

When kids get to choose bedding, you’ll most likely end up with a comforter that features a character from their favorite movie or cartoon.   Or bold bedding in their current color crush which, as you know, may end tomorrow.

How To Design Kids Bedrooms To Grow With Them
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While that’s part of the fun of being a kid, odds are you’ll be switching the bedding out sooner than you might like.

Compromise by choosing a comforter or duvet in neutral or versatile colors, and keep the patterns simple.  Add their favorite theme with a pillowcase, decorative pillow, and decorative accessories. Or add pops of their favorite color with pillows, a throw, or rug that can easily be swapped out.

What About The Walls?

Paint is one of the least expensive and most dramatic ways that you can change a room, so the answer to this question really depends on how much you like to paint.

If you love to paint, then you’ll probably be more accommodating of your child’s color choices and can do some fun things.  (Just keep in mind that the more contrast and texture you use on the walls, the harder it will be to cover up and change for the next phase.)

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If you don’t like to, or have time to, consistently repaint walls, stick with neutrals or grayed down versions of your kid client’s color choices for longevity.  Add bold colors in smaller doses such as a small accent wall, a piece of accent furniture, or in a closet.

Using texture instead of color to create interest is also a great design tool – and one that transcends age.  (A great example is the corrugated tin wall in image #2 of this post.)

Minimal Themes

If your child is insisting on a theme, keep it simple.   Keep larger decorating pieces non-themed and accessorize with smaller themed items that can be easily and inexpensively swapped out.

Organization and Storage

No matter what age your kids are, there will always be a need for storage and organization. Use smart space planning by choosing multi-tasking furniture, like storage beds, to maximize storage.

Corral toys in baskets and bins, which also add some decorating interest to the space.

How To Design Kids Bedrooms To Grow With Them
Fulton County Bedroom

Proactively design kids bedrooms with closets to grow along with your child.   Use rods and organizers that can be switched as clothing sizes change, or make the hanging space larger than you need to begin with.

Creative Decorating

Think of ways to incorporate creative decor that isn’t age specific so that you’re not completely re-accessorizing each time your child enters a new phase.

Ideas like this frame gallery wall are fun and timeless. What’s in the frames will obviously change as interests and abilities develop, but the frames can stay.

DIY Gallery Wall - Children's Art Wall | The Caterpillar Years
DIY Gallery Wall | The Caterpillar Years

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