How To Choose the Perfect Sectional for Your Space

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When we think of furniture that’s perfect for relaxing, sectionals are often one of the first things to come to mind.  Sometimes large and cushy with hang out space for everyone, and sometimes small and cozy, but still oh-so-comfy.

When you’re choosing a sectional, though, it’s important to get the right one.   One that will fit perfectly, function well, and look great in your space.  A sectional that you’ll be happy with for the long haul.

Here are tips that will help you find the perfect one for your home:

Assessing the situation.

Think through what you want your sectional to do for you and whether your space can accommodate it.

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1. Will your room layout, and the way you function in it, work easily with a sectional?
2. Do you like to change your room arrangement often? Keep in mind that unless you have a versatile space, rearranging may not be an option.  Many times there may be only one, possibly two, ways a sectional will fit in a given room.
3. Will your sectional be used just for seating, or do you want space to sprawl out? Or to put your feet up?  Is reclining important?

Love how comfy this large sectional looks with all the pillows. Love the nested cocktail ottoman too!
cordoba sectional

Measure twice, buy once.

Take complete measurements of your room to determine where your sectional can go and what size may work. If you want a chaise or reclining as part of your sectional, plan space for that as well.

Having room measurements, pictures, and even a sketch or floor plan with you when you shop will be invaluable in helping you, and your sales associate, make the perfect choice for your space.  And it will give you the confidence and knowledge you need to make your purchase the same day.  No more second and third trips trying to get it right.

Avoiding delivery dilemmas.

When you’re measuring your space, think about when your sectional is delivered. Will it fit through the door? Down the hallway or stairs? Are there 90 degree corners?

These are questions that your sales associate can help you answer, but they should be considered prior to purchase.

sectionals - brown and gray family room with large reclining sectional
laid back loft living room

Settling on size.

Knowing your limits.

Large, deep sectionals are trending, and they’re so comfy that it may be tempting to buy the absolute biggest one you can squeeze into your space.   You’ll need space for your room to breathe – physically and visually – though, so keep your room measurements (and scale) in mind before committing.  Remember that sectionals will almost always seem larger in your home than they do in the showroom.

Small spaces may surprise you.

Done right, even small spaces can handle sectionals, and Audra’s house is a perfect example of that.  She chose the perfect size and scale for her living room, and upholstered it in a light gray fabric to help it blend in. So inviting!

Sectionals - small living room with light gray walls, white trim, small sectional, cozy modern vibe
janet sectional

Choose a fabric you’ll love.

A sectional will most likely be the largest piece of furniture in any room, which makes the fabric something to consider.

Neutral fabrics are an easy and obvious choice, of course, but if you really love color, there’s no need to shy away from it.  Colorful sectionals make a great base for swapping out other accent colors, and can make a stunning focal point in an otherwise mostly neutral space.

living room with white walls, teal sectional and bold pops of accent color
mia sectional

That large, bold pattern you love though?  Probably better suited to an accent pillow than a sectional. (Not always, depending on your personality and love of pattern, but 95% of the time.)

Make it yours.

Many sectionals come with a variety of options, so don’t take what you see on the showroom floor at face value.

There may be custom options and configurations available, as well as fabrics – other than what you see – that will be the perfect fit for you.  Your sales associate will be able to guide you in exploring the alternatives.


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