How To Choose the Perfect Sectional for Your Space

Beautiful living room with stone fireplace, gray sectional, nesting tables, blush accessories
Gray Sectional

Winter, probably more than any other time of year, brings with it some serious nesting.   We love to snuggle into our living or family rooms – reading, watching movies, playing games, perusing social media, or just catching up with family at the end of a long week.

When we think of the type of furniture that fits this scenario best, the sectional is oftentimes one of the first pieces that comes to mind.  Sometimes large and cushy, sometimes small and comfy – with potential seating for the whole family.

For this whole cozy nesting thing to play out the way you want it to, though, it’s really important that you choose the right sectional.   One that will fit perfectly, function well, and look great in your space.  A sectional that you’ll be happy with for the long haul.

Large, comfy sectional in a saturated color. So fun!

Here are some tips that will help:

Before you shop.

Ask the right questions.

  1. Will your room layout, and the way you function in it, easily accommodate a sectional?
  2. Do you like to change your room arrangement often? Keep in mind that unless you have a large, versatile room, this is most often not an option with a sectional. There is typically only one, or possibly two, ways it will fit in your room.

Love how comfy this large sectional looks with all the pillows. Love the nested cocktail ottoman too!

Measure twice, buy once.

Take complete measurements of your room, including windows and openings, so that it will be easier to determine where and how the sectional will best fit in the room.

Any information you can bring with you on your shopping trip – room measurements, sketch/floor plan, pictures – will be invaluable in helping you, and your sales associate, make the perfect choice for your space.  

And it will give you the confidence and knowledge you need to make your purchase the same day.  No more second and third trips trying to get it right.

Open floor plan living room with medium gray sectional and loads of texture.
sectionalcocktail table | end table | lamp | cello chair


When you’re measuring and gathering pertinent information to take with you on your shopping trip, don’t forget about delivery. Will a sectional fit through the door? Down the hallway? Is it going downstairs? Are there 90 degree corners?

These are questions that your sales associate can help you answer, but need to be considered prior to your shopping trip.

Dazzle Reclining

At the furniture showroom.

Size matters.

Is bigger really better?

Buying the absolute biggest sectional that you can squeeze into your space is usually not the best idea.  You want to have space to live and, remember, sectionals will almost always seem larger in your home than they do in the furniture showroom.

The exception.

With that said, there are times when filling the room can make sense – such as in a room where the layout and function is such that literally all you need or want to do is lounge on the sectional.

HGTV Smart Home

Fully functional.

Think of all of the ways you want your sectional to come through for you.

  • If you want to put your feet up, consider a sectional with a chaise.
  • Need extra storage in your family room? How about built-in storage?
  • Will the sectional get a lot of use? Pay special attention to the type of fabric you choose.

A sectional with built-in storage? Love this idea!

Choose a fabric you’ll love – for the long haul.

Remember that whatever fabric you choose will be fairly dominant because the sectional will most likely be the largest piece of furniture in the room.

So it’s possible that the super bold pattern that you’re in love with just might be better suited to an accent pillow. Not always, depending on your design personality and love of pattern, but probably 95% of the time.


Many sectionals come with a variety of options, so don’t take what you see on the showroom floor at face value.

There may be custom options and configurations available, other than what you see, that will make it the perfect fit for you in function, fit, or fabric color and style. Check with your sales associate to see what custom options might be available.

Neutral open plan living room with large sectional. Jonathan Louis sectional. Photo and styling by Sun Staging.
image and styling: Sun Staging

Case in point, the sectional that you see in the family room above is the same Noah Sectional that you saw in orange in the second image of this post.

We have a great variety of sectionals at Schneiderman’s, and our qualified associates would love to help you choose the perfect one for your space!  See the selection on our website and more in our stores.

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    Great photos, great advice.

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