Holiday Decorating Inspiration and How to Create a Spruce Tip Arrangements in Your Outdoor Planters

Red12 and white poinsettias

Thanksgiving isn’t until next week, but it already feels like a winter wonderland outside.  It’s getting me in the mood to get my winter and holiday decor up – even though I haven’t done a thing yet!

With that in mind, Natalie and I popped into Lynde Greenhouse and Nursery the other day for some inspiration and we weren’t disappointed!

If you’re familiar with Lynde you know that, like Schneiderman’s, they’re a multi-generational family-owned business.  They’re located in Maple Grove, and are responsible for the beautiful spruce tip arrangements and holiday decor that you see around town.

winter and holiday decor - great ideas and inspiration for creating spruce tip arrangementssource

I snapped some pics during our meanderings around Lynde and, as you can probably tell, one thing that amazed me was all of the beautiful poinsettias.  A lot of poinsettias.  Greenhouses full.  It’s pretty impressive!

Poinsettias12 Lynde Greenhouse Schneidermans Furniture

Did you know?  As we were looking at the poinsettias, Natalie shared with me that the leaves that we think of as flowers are actually just colored leaves.  The little yellow buds that you see in the middle are the actual flowers.  (She’s smart like that.)

poinsettia center

How pretty are these colors?  Turquoise, orange, purple, blue… If you’d like to move away from traditional holiday colors and match your decor instead, these would be perfect!

Sprayed Poinsettias Lynde Greenhouse Schneidermans the blog

A big part of winter decor for many people are the spruce tip pots that we put on our porches or walkways.  We asked Pat, the Lynde retail store manager, if she would mind sharing a few simple tips for creating those.  Here’s the scoop:

winter spruce tip arrangement - pot with spruce tips and greens, turquoise and indigo accents

Spruce Tip Arrangements (Tips):

  1. Use a heavyweight soil, like potting mix, and put it into the pot of your choice.
  2. Wet the spruce tips and let the water drain through.
  3. Shear the bottom of the tips off, and stick them into the soil.  The first spruce tip goes in straight and the others go in at angle (like a tree).
  4. Add assorted boughs (norway, white pine, balsam or cedar) to give it additional texture and volume.
  5. Now that you have the basics, get creative.  Add sticks, berries or pine cones (on sticks), bows and any other bling that strikes your fancy!  Pat said that birds and owls have been a big hit so far this year.

The owl adds some fun to this winter spruce tip arrangement - great for your front porch pots

With the current cold and snow, it’s a little trickier to create your own pots outdoors, but if you have a nice warm place, like a garage, it should still be doable.

Otherwise, Lynde has basic spruce tip arrangements put together that you can decorate with items right from the store, or pots that are already beautifully designed and decorated to just take home and enjoy!

Spruce Tip Pots12 Lynde Greenhouse Schneidermans Furniture

Do you have any winter or holiday decor out yet, or do you wait until after Thanksgiving?

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