How To Hang Art: Simple Tips and Numbers to Know

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Have you ever been really excited about a great piece, or several pieces, of art that you purchased – until you got home and thought, “I’m not really sure how to hang this.  Now what?  Help!”

Using just a few basic guidelines can actually make it pretty simple…



1. Eye level?

You may have heard that it’s best to hang your art at eye level but, since we are all different heights, that can vary.

Placing the center of your art, mirror or grouping at about 57-60″ high should usually work out well.   (In a room where you are mostly sitting, you can get away with hanging art a little lower than in a room where you are mostly standing.)

Placing the center of your art, mirror or grouping at about 57-60 inches high should usually work out well.
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2. It’s relative.

Art above furniture should relate to what is below, so placing it no higher than 6-8″ above sofas and 8-12″ above tables/dressers (which will usually have accessories on them) is a good rule of thumb.

Much further away and it can appear to be floating and disjointed.  A small detail that will make a big difference.


1. Get centered.

Center the art above the furniture that it’s hanging over, if possible, for a more balanced and cohesive look.

How to hang art - rather than using eye level use these numbers for more consistency


2. Scale matters.

Consider the size of the art in relation to the room and the furniture that it’s above.   If it’s not wide enough it will look lost on the wall, and if it’s too wide it may overwhelm the furniture.

Aiming for at least 2/3 – 3/4 the width of the furniture is a good way to strike a balance.  (This may vary above buffets, etc. where lamps and accessories can fill in the gaps.)

Be creative.

Don’t be afraid to keep an open mind and get a little creative.

Art doesn’t necessarily always need to be hung, if sitting or leaning works better for the space.  (If you do decide to let it rest on a surface instead, layering it like we did here can be fun too.)

Also, feel free to make a statement by completely filling a wall with art occasionally – like we did in the first image.

How to hang art - sometimes there's no need to hang - get creative and layer on a buffet or console

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We have a great selection of art and wall accessories in our stores, and it’s always changing.  Stop in and check it out! We would love to help you create the perfect look for your space.

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4 Responses to How To Hang Art: Simple Tips and Numbers to Know

  1. Bryan August 10, 2016 at 1:05 pm #

    Really like the raw look of the layered artwork on the desk. Wouldn’t have thought of that. : )

    • PK August 13, 2016 at 6:13 am #

      Hi Bryan – I apologize for not replying to your comment sooner, but I didn’t see it before for some reason. I love the layered art too! Trying to think of a spot in my house where I can do it. :-)


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