Furniture Round-Up: Glass-Topped Cocktail Tables

If you’re looking for a unique table option to add to your living room furniture, have you considered a glass-topped coffee table?

You may want to, and here’s why:

Add some sparkle.

Much like mirrors, the reflective quality of glass is great for adding sparkle to your space!


Pair a glass top with a chrome base to create a sleek, contemporary or glamorous look, or with warmer metals or wood for a warmer feel.

Good for small spaces.

In rooms that are space deprived, glass topped tables, while not taking up any less physical space, take less space visually and make a room feel more airy and open.

Give more dimension.

We know that one of the great tricks of interior design is to vary the textures in a space, so in a room that’s feeling flat or too one-dimensional a glass-topped table could be just the ticket.

Easy care.

Cleaning the glass top is simple.  Apply window cleaner, wipe, and watch it shine!

In addition to our cocktail tables, we also offer a variety of glass-topped end tables as well as some great options for your dining room.

Visit our stores and see the selection!

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