Furnishing Your Home: 6 Ways To Use a Bench

A bench is such a verstile piece of furniture. Love this rustic one with leather upholstered top!
Metalworks Bench

Some pieces of furniture that we buy, such as a sofa or a bed, are made for pretty specific uses and room(s) in the house.

Others are more versatile and able to be used in multiple ways and places, and the bench is definitely one of those. It has great longevity in that it may start in one place in the house, but then be moved from room to room over time depending on where it’s needed the most.

There’s almost always somewhere that you can benefit from one these versatile pieces, so they never outgrow their usefulness.

Here are some ways that you may want to use them in your home:

In the dining room:

Benches are becoming increasingly popular in dining rooms as an alternative seating solution.

We’re all about mix and match dining, and we love the look and function!

Light and airy dining room with light walls, natural wood furniture and upholstered dining chairs. Love the way they used a bench for seating!
Loft Bench

As a coffee table:

Use a bench instead of a coffee table if the size is right and works in your space.

If you love a bench but it’s not deep enough, consider using two.  Two will give you the depth you need, make a unique decorating statement, and give you another seating option when you’re entertaining.

In the entry or mudroom:

Nothing beats a bench for taking shoes on and off, and it also provides a spot to organize shoes and boots by lining them up underneath or to store small items in slender baskets.

rustic entry with gray plank walls and fun accents and styling.
Meadow Bench

At the end of the bed.

A bench, or two ottomans, makes for a nice transition from the bed to the floor and adds additional seating to the room.

For extra color, texture or pattern, add a cushion.

Bedroom in light neutrals with pops of green and blue, gold accents and two ottomans at the end of the bed. Great ideas and inspiration in this blog post!

Under the TV.

You may have already seen this idea for layering in front a TV in our post 15 Creative Ways to Decorate Around the TV.

A unique and interesting design statement for sure.

Furnishing Your Home - 6 Creative Ways to Use a Bench


A blank wall in any room:

Sometimes there’s that one awkward, blank wall that you’re just not sure what to do with.  Use a bench, add some art (or not) above it, maybe a decorative pillow or two, and Voila!, blank wall problem solved.

Bonus?  Additional seating that can be pulled into any room as it’s needed.

These are just six of the ways that benches can be used in your home, and we know there are more!  What creative ways have you used them in your space?  Do tell!

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