Fundamentals – Technology at Home

If using technology at home to separate ourselves from our housemates and families is a bad idea (Hint: it is), then how can we integrate technology into our furniture and interiors to complement our lives?  Here are a few pieces we show at Schneiderman’s that can do just this.

Charging Station in your Home Office

I don’t know about you, but at my house there are chargers everywhere.  The phone charger in the kitchen, another in the bedroom.  The camera charger buried in a drawer (heaven knows where – I have to find that one of these days), and the game/iTouch/iPad chargers in the middle of the floor in whatever room they were last used.  I love the idea of a neat and simple solution to control the cords and corral the devices.

Another Charging location

This charging dock does not pre-suppose room for a home office.  I do love the idea of having everything in one place – and having the cords right in the drawer means I don’t have to look at them.  Ever.

My Lazy Favorite

A HUGE trend in family room seating right now is power reclining.  Not everyone knows this is readily available.  But to recline without yanking on a lever is sheer bliss.  And it has the benefit of confusing the cat.

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