Father’s Day Gift Idea: The Perfect Reclining Chair

modern black reclining chair for dad - loft living space
naples coffee recliner | console

Father’s Day is a week away and some of you are still trying to answer the question – “What gift should we get for Dad?”

Of course the answer to that question really depends on your dad, because each one is unique. Some are athletic, some are not.   Some are outdoorsy, while others are most comfortable inside.  Some may be super techie – while others avoid technology.  Some… Ok. you get the idea.

So, at first glance, it seems that there really couldn’t be one gift that would be a perfect fit for every Dad.

Or is there?

Loft living room in Minnesota Casual style with reclining chair for dad
inspire recliner | accent table

Recliner, anyone?

No matter where your dad fits in any other category, most men just love to have their own chair!  A really comfy chair.  And if it reclines?  Even better. Which is why, of course, a reclining chair makes a perfect Father’s Day gift.

And even though it would be really fun to surprise Dad with his special chair… Since Dads come in all shapes and sizes, and some have a very definite style, it might be best to let him choose his own.

You could buy a gift card and then shop with him when he redeems it, or take him out for a special Father’s Day meal and top it off with a reclining chair shopping trip.  Get creative and make his day special!

Gray Rocker Reclining chair
tip top rocker recliner

We’re proud to offer a large selection of recliners, in a nice variety of styles and sizes, at Schneiderman’s, and Dad is sure to find a chair he’ll love.

So if you’re looking for a “can’t-miss” gift idea for Dad this Father’s Day, check out the recliner selection on our website, and see even more options in our stores!

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