Does Yellow Leather Come From Yellow Cows?

In the latest on our series of videos, Chad and Susan discuss the different types of leather, how to care for it, the new popularity in colored leather, and which ones will work best for you! Take a look!

Bi-cast leather is usually the least expensive leather. It is a split grain leather that is covered with a heavy coat of polyurethane for protection from scratches and spills and consistency in color. This is a great, affordable and durable leather for families on the go.  Top grain leather has been buffed to smooth out the grain and remove some of the natural marks that occur in leather (range marks and grain). This type of leather is also very protected and great for active families.  Natural leathers have very little surface treatment and they show all the grain and range marks of the hide. Highlight color and color variations shine through on this type of leather. Natural leather wears very well, as you live in it, it softens and richens much like a fine pair of shoes, though it does show marks and scratches more readily than more protected leather. The nice thing is that the marks soften over time. Bright colored leathers are very popular now. They are often in the more protected types of leather and are a great addition to any home. (And no, this kind of leather does not come from a colored cow (though that would be pretty awesome) It is dyed).

Caring for your leather is as simple as wiping up spills with a soft cloth as they occur. The more protected leathers can even stand a damp cloth and will protect against most spills and scratches. The more natural leather will absorb most spills and because of the breathable nature of natural leather, any damage will be absorbed and softened over time as it grows less and less noticeable. However active families with children and pets will want to go with the more protected leathers.

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