DIY Decorating: Accessorizing With Covered Books

Fall Book Covers by Diane at In My Own Style

When it comes to accessorizing your bookshelves, nothing beats a book!

Their texture helps soften the hard wood of the shelves, and we like mixing it up with some book spines out and some in to make it more interesting.

For a great “spines out” idea, we like the DIY Covered Books for Fall by In My Own Style shown at the beginning of this post.  It would be fun to customize them with your own words and change them out by season!  She gives you step-by-step instructions for how to make them on her site.

Or you could also use this whimsical stamping method from Chloe Moore Photography.   If you have good handwriting, write the words.

Chloe Moore Photography DIY Book Covers

For another book decorating idea, check out how Steph used them in jars.

Find more fall decorating ideas here.

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