Dining Chairs That Will Make You Want To Mix and Match

Dining chairs that make you want to mix and match. So many great styles and these are only six of them!

Standing and watching this image being shot at our most recent room shoot, I remember thinking that if I had to choose between the dining chairs right then, it would be really hard to choose just one.  They were each unique, and I liked them for different reasons.

It reminded me of the post where we talked about how some of us can be soooo indecisive when it comes to making decorating decisions.  And how sometimes it’s not because we don’t know how to decorate, but because there are just so many great options to choose from.

We gave you 5 great tips in that post on how to decorative when you’re indecisive but, when it comes to dining chairs, there is one little tip that we left out.

When you’ve got your heart set on more than one dining chair option, you may not have to settle if you can…


Love the way they mix and matched the dining chairs in this farmhouse chic dining room. (and that rug!)

Perfect, right?   While 99% of us probably wouldn’t buy six different chair styles for our dining room, we just might choose two styles and mix them up. Or choose one or two styles and add a bench.  Or mix stained and painted finishes.  Or…


Of course the dining chairs in this post are only 6 out of the many options that we offer in our stores and on our website.  We would love to have you check out our selection and let us know in the comments – which chairs would you mix and match?

For more ways to mix and match, check out this post:
7 Ways to Mix and Match Chairs in the Dining Room

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