Design Trends: Gold, Brass, Copper and Mixing Metals

updated 12/19/16

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There’s noticeable shimmer and shine that goes with decorating for the holiday season, and it’s hard to imagine the season without it.  It definitely wouldn’t be as pretty or as interesting.

Though possibly more subtle, metals and metallic finishes have the same affect on our day-to-day decorating.  They’re the jewelry of interior design, adding the shine to our spaces.

Most of us have been pretty comfortable with the silver, nickel and bronze metal finishes in our homes for a while now, but there’s some new kids in town.  Well, maybe not completely new.  We’ve seen them before, but they’re different…

Gold + Brass

Brass is back!  In a recent merchandise update to our staff, Susan Strong, Schneiderman’s Merchandise Manager, said, “Look for brass finishes to come on strong this year, pushing bronze and nickel to the side as the timeless quality and warmth of brass reconnects…”

Gold and Brass Trend 2015 Accessories PNG - Schneidermans Furniture

No longer considered outdated (isn’t it funny how we change our minds?), much of this brass has a softer, more subtle sheen – a nice warm compliment to the still-very-popular grays.  The same is true for the gold fixtures and finishes that we’re seeing.


Another metal that’s entering the scene is copper! It was definitely noticeable at High Point Market this past fall and is making it’s way into our stores as well.

Home Accents Today says: “…This red-orange metal makes a dazzling statement in accent furniture, lighting, artwork and more. Lustrous copper offers an unexpected, chic alternative to traditional gold and silver and pairs remarkably well with rich earth tones

Mixing Metals

Because we’re used to (and most of us probably still like) the finishes we have, new metal trends may be a little hard to embrace at first.   That’s where this third trend comes in handy!

Mixing metals is not a completely new concept, because we’ve been doing it for a while in varying degrees.  It’s a definitely acceptable, and mostly preferred, way to use metals in decorating.  The mix adds dimension and gives a more collected, unique look to a room.

Mixing metals is the perfect way to incoporate new design trends like brass and copper in with other favorite metals like silver and bronze, for a more collected look.
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A low-commitment way to test out different finishes is by adding or swapping out accessories. This will give you a pretty good feel for if the trend is something you want to completely embrace, just add in small touches, or not at all.

Once you know which metals you like and whether you want more, you may want to commit to bigger items – like adding accent furniture and changing out some lighting and cabinet hardware.

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Of course, because of the business we’re in, we stay up on trends, and we like to share them with you.  But.  Just to confirm what you already know, never decorate with something just because it’s a trend. If you don’t love it, don’t use it!

What’s your take on gold, brass, and copper?  Or mixing metals?  A go or a no?

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