Design Tip: Focal Points and Multi-purpose Furniture

Using a buffet to create a focal point (and extra storage) in the living room

I was in our Rochester store earlier this week and spotted this cozy grouping in a corner of the store.

I snapped a photo of it to post on Instagram, but afterwards realized it was a perfect example of two things:


We all know that it’s important to place furniture so that it addresses a focal point in the room, but what if a room doesn’t have a clear focal point?

That’s when you need to create one.  Using a piece of furniture plus great accessories is an excellent way to accomplish that.


It’s easy to see a piece of furniture displayed in a particular way and called a certain name and assume that’s the only way it can be used.

For example, the piece you see in the above image is our Meadow Sideboard, which typically would be in a dining room.

While it’s definitely great for that, it’s also perfect for creating an interesting focal point and storage piece in the living or family room!

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One Response to Design Tip: Focal Points and Multi-purpose Furniture

  1. Natalie October 25, 2015 at 3:01 pm #

    You would never know the storage piece is intended to be used in a dining room since it works so nicely in this space! Love the fun wire fish too!


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