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Mirrors are a pretty standard item in most homes. They can almost always be found in bathrooms and bedrooms, where they serve to help us get presentable before starting our day.  In fact, most of us have probably already used one today.

They can go far beyond that, though, and be used in a variety of functional and decorative ways in almost any room of the house!

Decorating with mirrors. Dark greige wall with warm white dresser and mirror. Love the way they grouped the candle holders

dresser | mirror


Decorating with mirrors can add another layer of interest, a decorative touch, or even a little drama.

Their reflective quality adds sparkle and shine, and they’re perfect for reflecting light, the outdoors, or another interesting element in the room.

Nice mix of elements in this entry - curtains on the door

Out of the ordinary.

Choose a frame made of a unique material or with interesting shape (or shapes) to add even more interest.

decorating with mirrors - indigo accent wall with a metal link mirror and really fun dresser/accent chest
dresser/chest | mirror sold in stores

Problem solving.

You may not think of mirrors as problem solvers, but they certainly can be. Use them to make a small room look larger or as a “window” in a windowless room.

In the room below, the mirror is being used to cover an awkwardly placed window – it definitely also adds a little touch of glam!


Multiple mirrors.

If you have one great mirror, then three must be better, right?  Grouping multiple mirrors is a great way to make an impact that may not be possible with just one.

The layered look.

Layered artwork is a great look, and adding a mirror to the mix makes it even more interesting.


Mirrored furniture.

Mirrors aren’t just for the wall!  Get both function and shine by adding a piece of mirrored furniture to your space.

Leaner mirrors.

Leaner mirrors are a great option because they are large enough to be leaned against a wall, but can typically still be hung if you choose. A versatile option for almost anywhere in the house.

Schneidermans Furniture Leaner Mirror Roundup 922

How to hang them.

If you’re decorating with mirrors on walls or above furniture, here are some tips for placement.

Shop for Mirrors.

When I’m walking through our stores it seems that I always notice an interesting mirror, accessory, or piece of art that I haven’t seen before.

That’s because our accessory buyer and visual display team do such a great job showing off all of the great options we have, and how to use them in a space.   If you’re looking for that perfect finishing touch for a room, you should definitely stop in and see what’s new!

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