Decorating: What To Do When You Can’t Have It All

With the focus on holiday entertaining this time of year, and all of the alluring inspiration available on blogsPinterest, and Instagram, some of you may be feeling frustrated that your dining space doesn’t exactly fit your decorating dream – and that it may not get there any time soon.

That’s why the timing for sharing this dining room transformation couldn’t be more perfect.

It’s proof that even if you can’t do a complete dining room makeover, what you can do may have a bigger impact than you think.

Dining Room Makeover

My friend was tired of the look of her 14-year-old dining chairs, her dining  table had seen better days, and she was completely “over” looking at the green wall color. She still liked the newer black and cream geometric curtains but really wanted to redo the rest of the room.

Love the transformation in this mini Dining room makeover! Amazing how just changing 2 things made such a difference. You'll love the AFTER!

Have a vision in mind.

The vision she had for this dining room makeover was to create a more cohesive and neutral space with a fresher, more modern, look.

Even if you can’t get there all at once, know where you want to end up.
What does your dream room look like?

And even though not being able to get there all in one fell swoop was somewhat frustrating, she knew she had to start somewhere.

Choose one thing.

So, in spite of the fact that a new dining table would have to wait, she decided to forge ahead and purchase the new dining chairs she wanted anyways.

And can we all just say – GREAT CHOICE?!

Her “one-step-forward-to-the-dream-room” turned out to be more like a huge leap ahead.  The black Authenticity Side Chairs instantly calmed and neutralized the space, and they’re a perfect tie-in to the curtains.

Another perk is that the new black dining chairs work well with a variety of different table options (black goes with everything).   So she won’t be forced to make any specific dining table choice when she is ready to buy.

And, until then, she’ll use a table cloth when company’s coming.

Dining room makeover. Love the before and after of this mini makeover!!!!

Painting the walls is part of the future plan, so I did a little Photoshop magic to give some inspiration for what a fresh neutral paint color would look like in the space.

Dining room makeover. Amazing how just changing out the dining chairs and paint color made such a HUGE difference!

And since area rugs are always a perfect finishing touch (and would add a huge dose of texture and coziness to the room), I would suggest one of those too at some point.


Knowing we can’t have it all right now can sometimes leave us completely paralyzed, but there’s usually something we can do.

What you choose to move ahead with may not be perfectly in sync with what’s currently happening in your space, and that’s okay.  As long as you have a plan in place, you’ll accomplish your goal one step at a time.   And it will all come together in the end.

It’s okay to buy and decorate for the direction you’re going, instead of the spot you’re in.

And, if dining chairs are your “one thing” or your compromise this year, you’re in luck. We just happen to have a great selection. :-) Dining chairs are a perfect idea for a mini dining room makeover. Amazing how they changed this space!
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Edited 12/3/17

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