Using Storage Accessories to Decorate, Organize and Gift Wrap

Decorative storage accessories make great gifts as well as a great way to "wrap" gifts. No more wasting paper - give the gift in a basket, or a decorative box or suitcase!

Organizing and storage is probably one of the things that almost every family struggles with from time to time. It can be hard to find the balance between keeping things available and accessible, but not cluttered.

Storage accessories can help by providing stylish organization for every room in the house – from the living room to the kids rooms and everything in between.

Baskets not only provide extra storage for throws, pillows, books/magazines, towels, toiletries, toys – the list is endless – but also add texture, interest and another decorative element to your space.

Baskets are not only a great decorating tool for adding extra texture and interest, but they work perfect for keeping things close at hand but organized and out of the way!
Logan Chair | Schneiderman’s

Decorative suitcases (and baskets) can be placed under your sofa table or coffee table – or just arrange a little vignette with them in a spot that needs to be accessorized!   Stack larger suitcases beside an accent chair as a spot for someone to set a drink or book.

Decorative boxes are a great way to accessorize tabletops and can be the perfect way to hide the various remotes, chargers and small but necessary items that tend to clutter the surfaces in your room.

Styling a table top Photography: Bruce Plotkin -

In this season of gift giving, I love the idea of giving a gift in a decorative accessory instead of a gift bag or wrapped cardboard box.  It will make your gift presentation unique and become part of the gift as well.

The recipient will really appreciate the new accessories, and the additional options for organizing their space!

2 Responses to Using Storage Accessories to Decorate, Organize and Gift Wrap

  1. Natalie December 1, 2014 at 5:25 pm #

    These items are great because they look nice and serve a purpose! I have the set of wire baskets and use the largest one to hold throws (essential for these cold Minnesota days) and the other two I have across the room as decoration!

    • Schneiderman's Furniture December 2, 2014 at 9:27 am #

      I love those wire baskets! (and they’re actually larger than they appear on the accessory mood board)


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