Decorating With Area Rugs

Love all the different ways to decorate with area rugs! (and that barn door... yes.)

As temperatures start to trend in the downward direction, we begin to focus on ways to make our homes warmer and more inviting for the cooler (or downright cold!) months ahead.

There are a variety of ways to up the cozy factor, but area rugs definitely top the list for adding that extra layer of warmth to your space.

That’s not all they’re good for though.

They can also:

Help define a space.

When you’re working with an open floor plan, sometimes it can look like you just purchased groups of furniture and sat them around.

Using area rugs will help to define the different functional areas and add interest and personality.

Decorating With Area Rugs - area rugs help define a space and add warmth and comfort to hardwood floors.Coronado Rug (in stores)

Amp up the comfort level.

Hardwood and tile floors can be beautiful, but if you’ve ever jumped out of bed onto a cold floor (or played games sitting on the floor at the coffee table) you know that most floors can benefit from the extra comfort that an area rug will bring.

Inspire a room design.

Every room needs a starting point – that one piece that inspires you and sets the direction for the rest of the space.

Purchase a beautiful area rug that you love, and then use the colors from it to inspire your room’s palette.

Decorating With Area Rugs - use area rugs as a starting point for a room design. Pick one you love and then use it to inspire your room's color palette and design direction.
Schneiderman’s Rug Shop at Woodbury

Add the finishing touch.

I’ve walked into and seen images of so many otherwise well-designed spaces that fell short because they lacked an area rug.  They felt slightly unfinished and not nearly as cozy or intimate as they could have.

Not every room has to have one, but more rooms than not will look more complete because of it.

Punch up the color.

Area rugs are a great way to add some spice to a space.  They can be dark and serious or bold and playful; plain or patterned; thick or thin but, in this case, colorful is the key.

Decorating With Area Rugs - use area rugs to add a pop of color and personality to a room.
Talbot Onyx Sofa and Accent Chair | Red Luna rug (in stores)

Add Texture.

We’ve talked before about how important texture is in neutral spaces, and an area rug is just one more (important) layer in the texture scheme.

For even more luxurious texture, layer your rugs.

But what if your home is carpeted?  Can you use an area rug over carpet?

In most cases, absolutely!  And for many of the same reasons you would use them in non-carpeted spaces.

Interior Designer Lauren Leiss

Natalie Stob, accessory buyer for Schneiderman’s, offers some suggestions:

Generally it would be good to have a thicker versus thinner rug over carpet, so it keeps its shape and stays nice and flatI would suggest a hand tufted wool rug, ideally, because of its thickness. 

A good rug pad is crucial for all area rugs and we carry a premium rug grip great for all applications. It’s reversible so you can use it over carpet or on hard surfaces (just flip it over).”


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