Creative and Unique Ways to Display Art

Black sideboard with layered art - love the springy vibe and black and white with blush and green. Creative ways to display art.
Server | Art – Schneiderman’s

When it comes to styling finishing touches in your home, there are those basic, tried and true ideas that always seem to work, and then there are ideas that are a little more out of the box.

Those “out of the box ideas” are sometimes a first choice because we want a more unique way of doing things, and sometimes out of necessity – because there’s no other way to do it.

Whatever your reason for looking for creative ways to display art, here’s some inspiration you’ll like:

Lean and Layer.

Leaning can be a good way to display art when you can’t, or don’t want to, hang anything on the walls. (Or maybe you just want to do something different.)

Layering takes art to the next level and really opens up your options, especially when you start layering accessories in front.

Creative ways to display art. Sideboard with layered art against a gray and white geometric wallpaper wall.
sideboard | art and accessories – Schneiderman’s

(Notice that the art in the first image in this post is layered under, while the art in the image directly above is layered over, so that’s an idea to play around with too.)

Frame it up.

Incorporating vintage and repurposed items in with your new decor is a good way to add a sense of history and character to your space.

The homeowner of this cottage used an ornate empty frame flanked by framed art to make a statement in her dining room.

The Old Painted Cottage – Cottage of the Month

You could also stack smaller framed art vertically within the large frame.  Or hang one large piece of vertical canvas art (that would fit within the dimensions of your frame) leaving a border of paint around the edges as a “mat”.

(You could just as easily create a DIY custom-size frame, too, rather than looking for vintage.)

Step by step.

In many instances it would make sense to display art above the console in your entry, but an angled staircase wall can mess with the plan.

We used a clock, lamp, and plants instead, and then filled the remaining space to the right with stacked canvas art for a pop of color and pattern.

White entry way with medium wood floors, metal console table, geometric upholstered chair, blue and white canvas art, clock. Creative ways to display art
console | chair | art/accessories – Schneiderman’s

This fun idea below wouldn’t work for every staircase, but when it does? Double thumbs up!

The watercolors are by family friend Bonnie Egan, while the home's previous owner left behind the colorful vintage books. Bright idea! Hang small artworks on staircase risers for unexpected visual appeal.
Country Living


Sometimes you don’t have as much wall space as you would like, but you reeeeally want to hang some artwork. Or, again, maybe you just want to do something unique.

Hanging art in front of built-ins or bookshelves isn’t a new idea, but it’s a keeper. This image shows smaller art, but you could definitely go larger.

bookcase detail cg
Centsational Girl

Door art?

I had never actually seen this idea before, but it could be another good idea for spaces without any wall space, or those “nothin-but-doors” hallways.

Living room with blue sofa | Modern living room | Sofa | Image | Housetohome
Ideal Home

Gallery walls.

I love the way Layla from The Lettered Cottage designed this gallery wall, but the thing that stuck out most to me (no pun intended) was the dimension.

She improvised a DIY art riser out of 2×4 blocks for one the smaller art pieces, and that propeller is the perfect finishing touch. So clever!

Solutions can be statements.

When we do room photo shoots, we don’t usually have control over whether or not there is actually a logical place to be able to hang art, so we’ve learned to improvise.  And the solutions have ended up making some pretty interesting design statements.

Roped in.  At this loft photo shoot, there wasn’t any realistic place in the brick wall to pound a nail, so we compromised by putting it in the wood strip at the top of the wall and using rope to hang the art.  We loved the look.

This would be a great way to take advantage of tall ceilings, or add the feeling of height in a room with shorter ceilings.

Loft living room with white brick walls, gray sofa, layered rugs. Creative way to display art by hanging from rope.

Easy easel.  Again, no nails allowed in this space, so we improvised an art easel, and ended up making a unique design statement.

Loft living room with rustic gray wood wall and brown leather sofa. Love the way the white background pops against the wall. Easel - creative ways to display art.

More art ideas.

If you’re looking for more creative ways to display art, and ideas for hanging it, check out these posts.

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