How to Create and Hang A Gallery Wall

How to Create and Hang A Gallery Wall

This creative wall display provided such an interesting welcome in the entry of this hotel that I just had to snap a picture of it!  Rich with color and history, it reminded again of how much I love a good gallery wall.

From coordinated and organized to funky and eclectic these types of walls are a unique and versatile way to decorate, but they do require a little planning.

Gallery Wall at HPMKT | Photo: Schneiderman’s

Here are a few things to think about when pulling yours together:

What size gallery wall and where?

What size:

Gallery is an impressive word and may seem like it fits better with a large display, but these walls can really be any size from small to very large.  Just make sure the size of your finished gallery is proportionate to the size of the wall you’re putting it on.

Mirror Gallery Wall - Maison Hand - Réalisation studio 35 m2 Lyon Saint Georges


Public spaces like living rooms or family rooms are common for gallery walls but don’t limit it to that.  They also work great in kids spaces, bedrooms, offices, bathrooms, hallways, laundry rooms.  Corner gallery walls can be fun too!


Decide what you want.

Even every day ordinary items can be elevated to art status in a gallery wall, so not much is off limits.  Collections, mirrors, family photos, matted and framed or canvas art, momentos, letters and numbers… all can make for an engaging mix. You can even include your flatscreen TV!  The key is to narrow it down and decide what will work for you.


Unify it.

Even though gallery walls can be very eclectic, if that’s your style, it seems that the most successful ones usually have a theme or unifying factor.  Something to fuse together the disparate elements and create flow.

Whether it’s color, subject matter, frames, matting, or a combination of some or all of these, repetition can really be your friend here.  Decide what your unifying factors will be when choosing your elements so that you can repeat them throughout when laying out your design.


Lay it out and hang it.

Now that you have everything you want pulled together, you need to decide how you want it to play out on the wall.  There are a variety of methods but both BHG (image below) and Southern Living recommend laying everything out on the floor, on strips of Kraft paper, then tracing around each element and cutting it out.

This allows you to user painters tape to place each piece in it’s predetermined position on the wall, and gives you a chance to move them around if something doesn’t look right, before you ever pound a nail.
Southern Living also has a pretty nifty trick for determining nail placement, and if you’re hanging art above furniture, these guidelines will help.

Step 3

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Do you have a gallery wall in your home or, if not, have you considered hanging one?

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