Color Cues: Getting Cozy With Gray

Cozy gray decorating - living room with gray velvet furniture, leather and warm accents
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What comes to mind when you hear the word GRAY?   Is it words like warm, cozy, inviting…?

I chatted about design trends with a friend recently whose answer to that question would be “not so much”.  She can’t embrace the gray trend because, in her opinion, grays are just too cool.  And that’s okay.  Not everyone will embrace every trend, and you should decorate with what you love.

But maybe you really like gray, or are considering it, and you’re wondering how to make it cozier.   Pair gray with any of these ideas (or, better yet, all of them) to move gray decorating to the cozy side.

Cozy Gray Decorating.


Velvet is one of the textile darlings of the moment, and there’s no more perfect time than this season to give it a try.   It’s elegant, yet surprisingly versatile, and it has a soft, irresistible texture that makes it a perfect choice to add the cozy to your gray.

Cozy gray decorating - room with industrial elements and beautiful gray velvet sofa
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The gray paint color you choose can make all the difference in the feel of your room.

Choose grays with warmer undertones to keep your walls from venturing too far to the cool side.  If you want cozy, moody ambience, opt for deeper, darker versions of your chosen shade.

Cozy gray decorating - banquette dining nook with moody dark gray paint contrasted with crisp white

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Aging isn’t always viewed as a positive thing but, when it comes to cozy gray decorating, it adds a certain warmth and appeal that nothing else can.

Choose metals that have a brushed “aged” finish to warm them up.   Or opt for metals that are naturally warmer like brass, gold, and copper – with or without patina.  (And having aged concrete walls definitely doesn’t hurt either!)

Cozy gray decorating - Home office with rustic concrete walls and patinaed gray metal desk
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Rustic woods.

Whether it’s furniture, floors, or cabinets, rustic woods just have that certain something that makes any space instantly feel more relaxed and friendly.

Pop a piece or two against your gray walls or mix rustic woods with gray furniture to add an instant homey, comfy vibe to your room.

Cozy gray decorating - Gray and white bedroom made more cozy with the character of rustic wood furniture pieces
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Contrast cool gray walls with the inviting appeal of leather, and/or mix in colorful fabrics and accessories in warm hues.

Cozy gray decorating - Living room mixing gray, brown leather and a warm colors and textures
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You don’t always need full-on color, but texture is a necessity for cozy gray decorating.

Add varying textures with upholstery, pillows, rugs or layered rugs, art, accessories, and greenery/florals.  You’ll be glad you did!

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