Before and After: How A Color Change Transformed This Dining Room


We rent a variety of spaces for our room shoots, and there are typically not window treatments in any of the rooms. So when a room has curtains, we’re pretty happy.

Even when there are curtains, though, we don’t usually have any control over the style or color of curtains. Our designers have learned to adapt accordingly, and they do a great job.

But I thought it might be fun to do a little experiment with this dining room from a recent shoot. How much of an impact would it have to change the curtain color?  Let’s see…

I kept everything the same, with the exception of the curtain color, and experimented with a few hues that were already in the room and might potentially work with the rug.

{Tip: Brown and gray are neutrals so, if your accent colors aren’t already defined by something in the room (like this rug, for example), your color options would be pretty wide open.  I’ll be sharing more about that in a future post.}

As you can see in the different images, each color change evokes a little bit different feeling in the space. The lighter neutral lightens and softens the space, while the blue-green hue blends more closely with the rug, and the copper color adds drama.

So what does this prove?

Two things actually: 1) Curtain color does matter, and 2) just changing one larger design element in the space, whether it’s curtains, or a rug, or a wall color can have a major impact on the overall mood.

More curtain tips.

While it’s pretty clear from today’s experiment that the curtain color you choose does make a difference, there are more simple curtain tricks that also have the power to transform your room.  You can see them in this post:  Hanging Curtains: 3 Tips That Will Transform Your Room.

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