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Out and About: Bridal Shower Ideas and Inspiration

gold painted bottles make pretty flower vases
Wedding Chicks DIY Painted Bottle Centerpiece

Life is filled with events and celebrations, many of which take place in the spring and summer.

We just celebrated Mother’s Day (and fishing opener) this past weekend. Grad parties are starting to get into full swing, Memorial Day is just around the corner, Father’s Day is coming up in June, along with family reunions at the lake, outdoor concerts, and the 4th of July… just to name a few.

But of all of the events and celebrations that happen in life, weddings may be one of the biggest, and most life-changing, of all. So much anticipation and excitement leading up to the wedding day – and the bridal shower is a big part of that.

Bridal Shower Bingo – free printable

So when I received a request, after the graduation inspiration post, to do a blog post with bridal shower inspiration, I was more than happy to oblige. And, as it turned out, Julie and Natalie both recently hosted showers and they snapped some pics to share.

Today’s post is a peek into those 2 bridal showers, with more inspiration scattered throughout.
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A Quick, Delicious, Chocolate Treat Recipe That Isn’t What You Think

Crunchy chocolate clusters - nope, they're not peanut clusters. Simple, delicious chocolate treat recipe.

I first saw the original version of this recipe while searching for lower carb desserts in a BHG publication. Assuming that, because they were lower carb, they would be tolerable, but definitely not to-die-for, I decided to try them anyways.

Well. I was wrong.  They’re not just tolerable, they’re really good! And the ingredients are super simple to keep on hand and whip up at the last minute when you need a quick sweet treat.

Everyone initially assumes that these are traditional peanut clusters, and they’re pleasantly surprised, and puzzled, to realize that they’re not.

They usually ask what that secret ingredient is, and then want the recipe.  (For those of you that I still haven’t gotten back to yet, here you go.  :-))

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A Must-make Christmas Cookie Recipe

Florentine cookie recipe - these sandwich cookies are buttery, lacy, crisp, milk-chocolate-filled deliciousness. Great christmas cookie recipe

We told you about Julie’s Christmas tradition in yesterday’s post and how she has made hundreds (thousands?) of cookies over the years.  But which one is her current favorite?

Hard to pick one out of so many, but she’s currently loving this delicious Florentine cookie sandwich.  She agreed to share the recipe with us and snapped a few pics of the process while she was making them.

I was the lucky recipient of some of the cookies, and it was reeeally hard to wait to eat one until I was done shooting a pic for this post, but I did.  (Well. It was my intention to eat just one, but it’s entirely possible that both cookies were gone within a minute after I shot the picture.  No kidding.)  They are REALLY good!

Here’s how you can make your own:
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