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Decorating Goals and A DIY Terrarium

a variety of plants for DIY terrarium

It was 2012 when I tore the “Plant A Terrarium” page out of BHG magazine, fully intending to make at least one DIY terrarium that week – maybe more.

I promptly (at least as I remember it – it’s been a while) went out and purchased two apothecary jars that I thought would work perfectly.

And… never did anything with them.

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DIY Table Centerpiece (2 Ways)


This past April, Larry Schneiderman hosted the Triumph Over Parkinson’s fundraiser at the Dayblock Event Center in Minneapolis. It was a very successful event, raising over $150,000 for Parkinson’s research.

Natalie and Chad were tasked with making centerpieces for the event, and they went for simple and slightly rustic. Natalie wanted something with a graphic element (stenciled pegboards) and pallets were Chad’s inspiration for the DIY clipboard stand.

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Spring Door Decor Inspiration + A DIY Succulent Wreath (3 Ways)

Spring Front Door Decor - The Inspired Room:

The calendar says it’s Spring, and this weekend is Easter Sunday. Which means it’s time to spruce up the front porch.

My own front porch was looking pretty drab and winterish, so I decided that step one in my spring refresh would be to swap out the wreath.

I started by perusing the inspiration on Pinterest. As is always the case, there was plenty to see – starting with Melissa from the Inspired Room’s flower basket (1st image).  Simple and pretty.

But, ultimately, I decided I needed a succulent wreath.  And a DIY one simply because I had two small faux succulent wreaths that I could reuse.

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