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12 Ways To Create A Cozy, Inviting Guest Room

guest bedroom with amish furniture and great styling
SHOP: Lewiston Bedroom

I’m probably not in the minority when I say I’ve experienced the out-of-sight-out-of-mind-until-guests-show-up issue with my guest room. Enough, in fact, that I finally was embarrassed enough to do something about it.

If you can relate, and your guest room could use a boost to make it more functional, cozy, and inviting, I’ve rounded up some ideas to help…

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How to Style Bookshelves or Built-Ins – 10 Tips

This is a great example of styling bookshelves. Love this look!
SHOP: modern bronze etagere

First let me say that there really isn’t a “magic” formula when you’re styling bookshelves.  If you’re like me at least, it’s a very visual, evolving process.

There are some basic tips that will help you get it right, though.  Simple ideas that will help you while you’re creating your own unique look:

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Furnishing and Decorating Small Spaces (10 Practical Tips)

Cozy small space living room with a rustic vibe

Small spaces run the gamut from entire small houses to just one space-challenged room within a larger home.

And while some people consciously choose and like decorating small spaces, others may feel “stuck” with theirs.

Whatever the case, most can benefit from 10 proven tips to help small spaces look and function their best:

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