Boho Chic – 10 Ways to Get The Look

A fun mix of pillows and accessories add to the bohemian decorating vibe

Bohemian influenced design is nothing new.  This relaxed, no-real-rules style that allows you to mix pattern, texture and styles to your hearts content has been around for a long time.

What is new is that people who would never think of themselves as even slightly Bohemian are gravitating toward elements of this design and incorporating it into their spaces.  It’s whimsy and laid back vibe are drawing them in.

If this sounds interesting to you, here are some suggestions for adding just a hint or a whole lot of this look to your space. It’s all in the mix – the more you add, the more bohemian your space will become.


Pile on the pattern.

True, full-on Bohemian is definitely a pattern rich look.  Pattern on pattern – accent pillows, chairs, ottomans, rugs – the more the better.

Of course, I like to think that you might still keep in mind some basic rules for pattern mixing like they have in the space below, but then I’m not a true Bohemian. :-)

Mix and Chic


If your patterns and colors are an exact match, your furniture is perfectly placed, and you’re committed to one absolute authentic style, your room probably isn’t Boho Chic. So take a deep breath and throw something imperfect into the mix.

Be influenced and inspired.

Look to global and ethnic, vintage and modern, organic and natural influences to inspire you and then pick and choose what you like to create a space that expresses your personal style.

My Houzz: Chic Boho Style for a Hawaii Apartment
Photo by Ashley Camper Photography via Houzz

Go crazy for color.

If you’re a fan of no-holds-barred color then you’ll love this style. Rich saturated color and experimenting with unique color schemes is encouraged.

Design Sponge

Macrame’s a must.

Ok. Maybe not a muuuuust. But whether it’s a macrame plant hanger, or a DIY macrame curtain like this one from A Beautiful Mess, it can be a perfect way to starting nudging your space out of the box and in a bit of a Boho direction.

DIY macrame curtain

Show off your green thumb.

Plants enhance the organic vibe of this look and, much like pattern, the more the better. Use a variety of plant sizes and unique containers to enhance the relaxed, collected look.

A Look You’ll Love: Warm, Inviting, Rustic Boho Style

Don’t forget texture.

As with any space or design style, a variety of textures is encouraged to make it more comfortable, visually interesting and take it to the next level design-wise.

Opt for the collected and unexpected.

Mix found and vintage objects in with your new pieces for a more creative, eclectic look. Obviously if they’re colorful that’s even better.

Love Paper Paint

Start small.

Don’t let the wild, exuberant side of Boho Chic intimidate you or keep you from giving it a try.

Keep your background neutral (and true to your style) and then mix in Bohemian influences in art, accessories and accent pillows that can easily be switched out if you decide to move on to something else.

Mix and Chic

Pop it against crisp white.

Bold, colorful walls are definitely an option with this style, but opting for white walls allows all of the various unique elements in the space to shine, rather than just blending in.

It also gives this style space to breathe (especially when you’re working with a lot of color and pattern) and lends a fresh modern look to the room.

Design Sponge

Where we’ve used it lately.

One of the rooms at our most recent photo shoot location seemed perfect for a Boho Chic look, so our designers decided to have fun with it.

They had a great time working with color and pattern and mixing elements to create an eclectic, colorful bedroom, and we love the way it turned out.

Boho chic influenced bedroom with a great mix of pattern color and eclectic elements
Storage Bed | Accent Chest | Bedding and accessories sold in stores

What do you think of this look? Would you use it in your space?

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2 Responses to Boho Chic – 10 Ways to Get The Look

  1. Bryan June 18, 2016 at 11:46 am #

    Lots or little, subtle tones to bold accent pieces–BOHO is the way to go! I am in the middle of redecorating my entire place with Bohemian influences, and it couldn’t be more fun, so this one really hits home for me. You make lots of great points. You really are limitless when it comes to adding different colors and patterns, and your lovely pictures above capture it beautifully!

    • PK June 20, 2016 at 3:08 pm #

      Yay! I love that you’re redecorating and chose this style. It IS a fun way to go and what a great way to show your creativity!


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