Blue and White Inspiration, Paint Colors, and a Design Tip

blue and white inspiration - botanical art

Design trends can be fickle, and there are many times when not everyone can agree on what the trends are, exactly.  One blog or home decorating magazine says something is in, another says it’s out.

But one thing that everyone seems to be agreeing on these days is that BLUE is still in.  In fact, it’s more popular than ever.

And pairing those popular blues with crisp white always feels fresh, yet classic – spun different ways, depending on your style.

Today I’ve rounded up three spaces with blue and white inspiration for you.  (Rooms that I also noticed also happen to have one thing (design tip) in common.  See if you see the same thing I did, and we’ll chat at the end of the post.)

Modern Loft Bedroom.

This modern bedroom has such a fresh, light, and airy feel and, for those of us that work with room images every day, it’s definitely one of our current favorites.

The light wood tones of the furniture are a perfect soft contrast against the white walls, and the clean lines give the space a modern, but-not-too-modern, edge.

A dreamy bedroom overall, wouldn’t you say?

Light and airy modern bedroom in blue and white
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Laid-back living room.

We love the way the brighter blue of our Janet sectional pops against the black and white backdrop of this small living room area. Fresh, fun, and oh-so-comfy.

This space is a perfect example of how it can be possible to create a welcoming entry, and have a sectional, in a smaller space.  And that dog art gallery wall…  Perfect.

(And, oh yes, proof that black and blue are “A-OK” together when you’re decorating!)

Blue and white living room inspiration

Another great thing about this space?  The Janet sectional has a reversible chaise. Really.  And it’s SO easy to swap out, thanks to an ottoman.

We just had to show you, so we did a quick little switcharoo when we were shooting this space.  Left chaise above — quickly moved to the right below.  Easy peasy.

Blue and white living room with reverse chaise sectional

Crisp contrast on the sunporch.

If you visited the recent Parade of Homes, you may have seen this beautiful townhome by Wooddale Builders.

We love how they weren’t afraid to go with a dark navy paint color on the sunporch walls.  It creates a “ta-da” moment when you walk through the dining room, and the crisp white trim and all of the windows in the space keep it from feeling too dark.

Blue and white inspiration - sunporch with dark blue walls, white trim, gray sectional
Sectional from this post  Photography: Spacecrafting

So what was the design tip?

In our post on Adding Accent Colors to Neutral Spaces, we shared this tip: “…it’s a good idea to add your new accent colors a minimum of 3 times, preferably in various spots and at different levels throughout your space.”

When I saw the rooms for today’s post, I realized that all of the designers had done exactly that.

If you want a simple, tried and true method of pulling a room together this is definitely an easy one to master and it works every time.

So is that what you noticed, or something else?  What was your favorite part of these rooms?

Paint colors.

If our blue and white inspiration has you thinking you may want to paint your walls fresh white or go bold with navy, we’ve got some paint options for you.

And for lots more design tips, check out our Design Tip page!

2 Responses to Blue and White Inspiration, Paint Colors, and a Design Tip

  1. Nicole April 10, 2017 at 9:02 am #

    I didn’t spot what was common in all three (besides the blue of course!). Good eye!

    • PK April 10, 2017 at 10:52 am #

      Well, I WAS probably analyzing them a little more than the average person since I was using them in a blog post. So there’s that. :-) Thanks for commenting!


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